Oizzack 19:33 30 May 2010

Hello guys, how are you all. I was checking out a website called ', I wanted to make a purchase on the site but I don't know if it is trustworthy simply because I can't find any reviews for it. Anyway my question is have any of you used this website before? I will accept any information relating to the site, thank you.

  tullie 19:42 30 May 2010
  Oizzack 21:53 30 May 2010

Did you check that search yourself? I've obviously already searched byfarthecheapest reivews in google. Nothing relating to a review shows up. But thanks for the post anyway.

  Oizzack 21:53 30 May 2010

Did you check that search yourself? I've obviously already searched byfarthecheapest reivews in google. Nothing relating to a review shows up. But thanks for the post anyway.

  mrwoowoo 04:33 31 May 2010

Best actually check your Google search before being so patronising next time.

  HWJC 07:56 31 May 2010

...companies that claim to be the cheapest do so in order to stop you looking elsewhere so you might discover that they aren't the cheapest... if you get what I mean.

Some years ago I bought 2 items from Comet which were advertised at reasonable prices, but with a £50 discount if you bought them at the same time. I later discovered one of the items was £30 cheaper at Richer Sounds, so I went back to claim the difference at Comet. They told me that the £50 combined discount made their item cheaper, to which I responded 'then I wouldn't be getting a £50 discount which you also advertised'. Eventually they relented (woo-hoo!).

The point being, if someone says they're the cheapest, assume they aren't and check anyway.

Just to put a tin hat on the story, I was given one of those daft survey forms after the original purchase, which had the incentive of going into a prize draw, and filled it in for a laugh. I only went and won 2 grand of equipment!

That was 10 years ago. I've never needed to go back since!

  tullie 08:20 31 May 2010

I apologise for not checking the link,however,it was not an attempt to be patronising.

  gfox101 20:08 01 Jun 2010

After obviously looking for reviews on them ( which obviously is a good way of finding out if a company is legit or not) is to have a look for some more details on them (i.e. companies house if they claim to be a 'limited [LTD]' company. Common sense also plays a big part. Are they significantly cheaper than elsewhere? If so why are everyone else's prices so high or are they not telling you something?

Finally ALWAYS use a credit card (as opposed to a debit card) to buy ANYTHING online. you get a bootfull of protection from your credit card provider and should you get dodgy goods or nothing at all you can complain to the credit card people and they will 9 times out of 10 wipe it off your bill (assuming you can prove that the item isn't as advertised or was never received.)

  geekgirl101 22:13 04 Mar 2011

Not to be trusted. My husband ordered a battery for my laptop from their website. A week later it still hadn't arrived so he enquired where it was and asked for a tracking number. Another week later he was sent an email with some excuse about the reason why they hadn't yet set one out. A week after that he wrote a more aggressive email asking where it was and they replied telling him he was being rude, then the next day they sent him a tracking number for someone elses' package.

  dhull1973 20:49 17 Apr 2011

I've used this Company for nearly two years now, without any problems whatsoever. If anything, they have been helpful, courteous and probably one of the best companies I have personally used for many years - not just on price, but the technical know-how of their team and their personal service, helping us with many of our migration Projects to date, which, when you're working in the NHS, don't always go as planned!

We were that satisfied with Byfarthecheapest (whilst a little skeptical as we all are with a new name at our first time in using them - that is what Credit Card Protection and checks at Companies House are handy for), we took the strategic decision to do our yearly buy with them, moving away from a Company who we had used for nearly 7 years.

Absolutely first class and very highly recommended.


  Forum Editor 22:34 17 Apr 2011


Goodness me - you're a speedy one. Fifteen minutes after registering with us here you are, posting your glowing testimonial in a thread that was posted almost a year ago.

If I wasn't one of those trusting individuals I might be tempted to believe that you are connected with the company in question.....but I am, and I'm not.

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