BREEN 23:01 18 Dec 2003

I want to purchase some soft ware from Amazon in the USA .Any one advise me of any problems. The prices are cheaper then UK prices.What is the draw back?????

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:03 19 Dec 2003

Customs duties and any problems that may occur. I have found that it is rarely cheaper to buy from the States.


  Forum Editor 00:53 19 Dec 2003

Millions of people (including me) buy downloads from American sites, and there are few problems. If you buy boxed software however - and that's what you mean - you're going to end up paying import duty and VAT, and that will not make your saving look so rosy.

My advice: Download with impunity, but don't bother with boxed software, get that from Amazon in the UK.

  Belatucadrus 01:54 19 Dec 2003

I've purchased books and DVDs from with no problems, but every time I've tried to buy PC kit from them, when I confirm the order I've always received a very politely worded rejection note. Without knowing exactly what you're looking at I can't be certain, but I doubt they'd process it.

  Stuartli 09:46 19 Dec 2003

A large number of American businesses in recent years have begun to refuse to ship goods abroad - I think it's something to do with government legislation.

There are organisations in the States that offer to order goods for you and ship them if the retailer won't co-operate but, of course, the extra cost usually nullifies the savings.

  Ben Avery 12:43 19 Dec 2003 are buying wedding dresses, in which case he US is MUCH cheaper! ;o)

I just ordered my other half's dress from US for her for $299 (which equates to around £420 incl. VAT and customs tax). The same dress in UK costs over £700!



  Stuartli 14:02 19 Dec 2003

Sorry, but it doesn't equate to around £420 including VAT and customs tax.....:-))

Better get a new currency converter..

  Stuartli 14:09 19 Dec 2003

$299 at the exchange rate at the moment is £169.184.

Check it out here:

click here

  Ben Avery 15:15 19 Dec 2003

Wrong figure, I meant $399!


Let's hope they make they same mistake eh? Not likely though...


  A,,W,,B,, 10:00 23 Dec 2003

I work for Royal Mail and many customers are dismayed when they find import VAT has been added to their item from the USA also the Royal Mail handling charge of £4.00.It very often turns out MORE expensive.

  Big Elf 10:27 23 Dec 2003

Plus, if the item requires paperwork to clear Customs you also get another (approximately) £20 added to the bill by the couriers who complete it for you.

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