Buying Tamiflu on-line

  user8 16:05 17 Jul 2009

Seems it's very easy to buy the drug on-line!
And from UK suppliers.
This surely will only make people panic more!

  BT 17:00 17 Jul 2009

Not such a good idea according to the TV Doc on BBC this morning.

  OTT_Buzzard 17:46 17 Jul 2009

never a good idea to get any prescription drug from anywhere but from your gp. Apart from the obvious problems that you can't guarantee what you are getting, it may divert legitimate supplies from where they are needed most.

  jakimo 19:38 17 Jul 2009

A warning has been given out about counterfeits,very risky

  oldbeefer2 12:29 18 Jul 2009

Why buy on line when, if you really pick up swine flu, it will be provided free?

  ronalddonald 18:15 18 Jul 2009

Eaxtlcy as OTT-Buzzzard has mentioned. the Gov and the department of health recommend dont buy over the net as it may not be tamiflu but something else that may not work.

the only way i got hold of it is by my GP by prescription which had to be taken to an allocared pharmacy who checks the details and only then is it issued. My GP ddint when i had a really bad flu about six weeks agao, he contacted the DOH and they advised him to issue th prescription since im a diabetic and asthmatic.

The most people i fear who may not make it throught his flu are children.

Yes it may cause panic buying, drugs can easuily be forged by false packaging and false drugs. so beware

  lofty29 20:28 18 Jul 2009

If you need it you will get it from the NHS, if you don't need it you should not take it, as it has side effects, and as others have said there are o lot of fakes out there some of them dangerous

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