Buying Samsung NC10 Netbook

  tonyq 11:06 04 Nov 2009

I am thinking of buying a Samsung NC10 Netbook. are there different models of the NC10?.I know there are differant colours,3-6 cell batteries.

  sunnystaines 11:08 04 Nov 2009

ask for the one with 10 hours or so battery use, also a free upgrade to 2gb of ram you will have to ask for this.

  tonyq 11:51 04 Nov 2009

can you tell me where I can get the "free upgrade to 2gb of ram".

  curofone 12:09 04 Nov 2009

10 hours of battery life? bit of an over estimation there. I have an NC10 and you can not get 10 hours out of the battery if you are actually using 5 maybe, if your machine is say round doing nothing then possibly 7 but you wont get 10 hours

As for the RAM you can probably pick up 2gb RAM for about £25 at the moment and not hard to fit yourself.

also remember samsung do newer netbooks now for around the same price so they are worth considering (nc130, nc20) worth checking out this for some deals click here)

  sunnystaines 12:20 04 Nov 2009

it's only what i read about thinking about a samsung too.

  tullie 12:37 04 Nov 2009

The most i have achieved is about six and a half hours,with use.

  tonyq 12:40 04 Nov 2009

How come the newer NC130 is cheaper than the old NC10.
Advice welcomed on which one to go for.They all sound the same to me.

I was looking at the NC10 as it seems to get really good write ups,although it is an older model.

  curofone 12:42 04 Nov 2009

sorry if you thought i was having a go, i wasnt, a lot of the reviews i have read on the nc10 are made by people trying to make their nc10 sound better than it really is. Dont get me wrong my nc10 has been a fantastic little machine and i am glad i got one over anything else on the market ie acer aspire one, msi wind etc but some of the reviews do make it sound better than it is.

as for the battery, when i first got it i could probably get between 7.5 to 8 hours out of it when it wasnt doing a lot and probably 5.5 to 6 hours when i was doing basic internet browsing and word processing now it is a year old can probably take an hour or so off each of those times

  curofone 12:49 04 Nov 2009

sorry i can not comment on why the newer models seem chearper or how good they are, all i can tell you is that the nc10 is a very good machine and i would recommend it to everyone.

I use mine at work and at home and copes with everything i need it for. If you want to play games or HD videos then stay clear of it as it will not cope with that, also if you want it for things like photoshop, and devlopment tasks i would stay clear of it, not due to its power but becuase of the screen resolution, i connect mine to an external monitor if i want to do tasks like that. But if you want a machine to be portable, able to cope with internet browsing, office tasks and playing SD videos then the nc10 is great.

My only critism of the machine is the sounds, quality is not the best and a bit too quiet for my liking

  oldbeefer2 13:14 04 Nov 2009

I bought an NC10 a couple on months ago and it's brilliant. There are two versions with different batteries - this from a previous thread from Comet

'There are 2 versions of the NC10, the KA06UK, which is the model you have purchased, with up to 4 hours battery life (as noted in the specification). The KA02UK, which we do not currently stock, reports up to 8 hours battery life. This would be the variation of the NC10 you are reading the reviews for. Links for the two models are below.'
I bought mine (a good 8 hrs so far) from Dabs.

  curofone 21:11 05 Nov 2009

take a look at this, click here samsung are offering £20 cashback if you buy the machine through a DSGi store, ie curry, dixons or PC World so take the price for an an NC10 down to £239, cant really complain at that price

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