Buying from PCSpecialist & Spec comments

  GaT7 15:47 27 Apr 2006

I'd tend to agree with Tb regarding the PSU as well, but make sure they install a quality brand. I rather have a quality brand 450W than a generic/acceptable 600W one.

Check the manual about the memory - dual-channel may only run in a certain configuration (PDF manual click here), & it may not be a good idea to mix 'generic' ram with Crucial's (though I've 2 sets of different ram in mine!). Crucial's memory doesn't have to be 'matched' - 2x 512Mb of the same part number should do (spend the money saved for a better/more powerful PSU).

I also notice you're getting a DVI-DVI graphics card, so you do have a DVI TFT monitor, don't you? Please also let us know what PC case you're getting.

The PC will handle pretty much anything, but to answer your question - "Also, will it do what I want it too?!!" - you'll have to tell us what you're going to mainly use the PC for! G

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