buying a pc

  truman2003p 13:30 28 May 2005

am thinking of buying a pc but have never owned one .what should i do

  spuds 14:08 28 May 2005

Read some computer magazines, check newspaper adverts, pay a visit to somewhere like PC World so you can see a selection of computers and computing devices.Get a good idea as to the price you can really afford, and think about what you want to do with the computer, like general word processing, games, internet. Then if in doubt, fire away with your questions within the PCA forums.

When you consider what you needs are, think customer service and support, product reviews, specifications and upgradability.

As a matter of interest, I notice that you using a computer to ask your question, does this computer not answer most of your concerns!.

  wiz-king 14:14 28 May 2005

If you use one at work then the only decision is what to get, that will be governed by what you want to do. If you have never used one at all have a look at your local libary and try to find a 'beginers' course, in most areas you find that the local council run day and evening courses at all levels and sometimes have computer clubs at schools in the evenings.

  HXP 03:24 29 May 2005

Buy as many computer mags as you can - read the reviews and go for the recommended one in the price bracket you can afford.

After sales is important and from personal experience I can say Carrera are very good - Mesh - mixed.

The computer mags test 100's of machines so be guided by them - again personal experiene 3 x carrera 3 x no probs.

1 x Mesh and I was near to giving up computing all together ....


  Totally-braindead 11:48 29 May 2005

From my point of view one of the things its important to know is "is the thing upgradable" by this I mean is there at least one memory slot free so you can add more memory later if you wish and if its a cheap PC you're looking for and presumming it has onboard graphics has the computer got an AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) slot on it so you can improve the graphics later on if you wish. The other thing of course is what will you use it for? If you're not interested in playing PC games or editing videos then most PCs will be more than adequate for your needs ie surfing the net, word processing, accounts etc. The other thing worth bring attention to is the monitor. Regardless of whether you go for a TFT or a CRT monitor make sure its one you can live with. Remember you'll be looking at the monitor all the time and if its a good one you'll get less eye strain etc and have less problems.

  spuds 18:21 29 May 2005

HXP-Carrera are very good, haven't they gone bust again ;o)

  fitcher 12:16 30 May 2005

upgrading is dead .only for people who like to play about and brag about what they have made. you can buy the latest technology cheaper ready made as a bare bones system anywere .you know very well only firms can obtain the latest proccessors and mother boards to make a machine.well before they are selling to the public .who the heck wants water cooling .giant fans ,multi coloured cases ..flashing lights four 200 gb hard disks .sorry ..I appologize yes I know your the one who does .

  leo49 13:13 30 May 2005

Exactly - wasn't this the third time?

What is to be innocent....

  961 19:08 30 May 2005

yes, you're right, all the way thro' your post

The only reason I do it is so that when the thing goes rong I know how to fix it, rather than wait for some bod to fling it in the back of his white van and then sit for 3 weeks for it to come back unfixed

However, since I started to build my own, well, they just don't seem to go rong

But as for saving money, well, forget it. Barebones is the way to go. every time

  mbp 10:05 01 Jun 2005

Unbelievable low prices at Dell from £291 including vat and delivery for Dell Dimension 2400. See:
click here
I have no vested interests in Dell.

  Southernboy 13:46 01 Jun 2005

Not a good idea!

When I was in the market for my first PC some 10 years ago, I was given that advice. I bought several over a few months and I didn't understand a word! It was a waste of money. I bought a basic PC and learned by trial and error - a decent helpline is essential and for this I recommend Evesham who will answer questions by Email.

It is a favourite hobby horse of mine that even PCA, which is the best of the bunch, seems to have turned its back on the novice and writes only for the geek. Given that the industry is targeting the family, who may never have had access to a PC, it behoves magazines to include a section for the beginner. Even after 10 years of using a PC, I find I understand less and less of PCA each month.

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