Buying New TV - Suggestions

  Rob Gibson 13:56 01 Nov 2013

As much as I don't want to, it's time to pension-off my trusty 28" Sony widescreen CRT telly. It's still working, but it's too big for our living room now (and ruddy heavy having just moved it!).

So, ideas and suggestions for a replacement? I was thinking of a 32 - 40" flat panel. Not plasma (RFI issues). Picture quality is paramount. Connectivity, looks, multi-tuners, etc., all secondary. A good colour pallete is important as are a good black and shadow detail.

I have to say that, so far, none of the sets I've seen come close to the CRT for colour. Picture geometry and sharpeness are excellent, but they all look slighty wrong colour-wise. Motion blur seems to be an issue with some sets too.

Can spend up to £1000.



  chub_tor 14:58 01 Nov 2013

If you have ruled out plasma you have eliminated screens with the best blacks, the widest viewing angle and the least motion blur. That only leaves you with backlit lcd (most nowadays have led backlights) or oled (very expensive).

We looked around a few months back and chose a Samsung LCD as the best compromise. Best to go into Currys or similar where you can see lots of models but get them to show a live TV broadcast for comparison, not their favourite BluRay that makes all TVs look good.

  BT 15:12 01 Nov 2013

I have a Finlux 32" made by Finlandia, supposedly one of the best in days gone by.

2 Scarts



Excellent picture quality.

  spuds 15:54 01 Nov 2013

I put a similar question a couple of months back, and from the responses received, Samsung had a very good recommendation for a likely purchase, covering most points.

Having considered the usual outlets, Richer Sounds came in for some consideration, due to a 5 year free warranty and further discounted prices being offered?.

  chub_tor 16:47 01 Nov 2013

spuds Richer Sounds is a very good suggestion, they have some great deals and very knowledgeable staff unlike some of the other High Street stores.

  martd7 16:58 01 Nov 2013

As chub-tor says,better blacks and definitely better overall colour range,fleshtones look real unlike led tvs

I had a 42" Panasonic plasma,the only let down is the reflections in the tv screen,brilliant at night time but not great during day,of course it depends as well where you position the tv,also,generally they are heavier in weight than LED tvs but they have slimmed the panels down over the last few years

A look on here may help

click here

  aquatarkus 19:27 01 Nov 2013

Plasma TV's from Panasonic are probably amongst the best picture quality you can get, but some of the new fully backlit LED TV's are getting very close.

For £1000 you should be looking at models from Panasonic, LG,Samsung(improved greatly over the last 2 years) and Sony. Go to reputable dealer how will have the TV's correctly set up and not running in shop mode as per Currys / Pissy World, sorry but do any of their staff have any product training at all?

John Lewis and Bentalls in Kingston Surrey have most of their TV's correctly setup, along with some of the Richer Sounds stores and Sevenoaks.

It can take a fair bit of setting up when you get the TV home to get the best picture quality from it, suggest you have a look and read of this

click here have a look at these. click here


Regards Aquatarkus

  Rob Gibson 11:41 02 Nov 2013

Thanks for the comments. From responses in several forums, it looks like Samsung is certainly a contender. It's early days yet, and I will be doing the rounds of the various outlets to get a look at as many sets as I can.

  john bunyan 21:18 02 Nov 2013

I bought an LG smart tv early in the year and am very pleased with it (42in)

  john bunyan 21:18 02 Nov 2013

I bought an LG smart tv early in the year and am very pleased with it (42in)

  dms_05 09:34 03 Nov 2013

Expect very major changes in the HDTV market. ALL of the Japanese manufacturers are likely to withdraw from HDTV's because they cannot compete on price with S.Korean/RoC manufacturers. Panasonic have already announced they will withdraw from the plasma market by next Spring 9and they don't do much in LCD) and others are to follow. It seems the only Tv's coming out of Japan will be the uHDTV (4k) where the prices are still high. So it leaves the OP with two options - buy his preferred TV whilst it's still available or wait 6 months until they are discounted as 'end of line'.

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