Buying a New Printer

  [DELETED] 05:10 14 Jun 2006

I looked at the past posts on printers but cannot find any recent posts so I hope you do not mind me asking if anyone can recommend a particular printer model. I was thinking of buying a multifunction printer but I suppose their is more to go wrong with them. Most peeps seem to have an Epsom or Canon. I have an old Lexmark 1100 and not sure if I would buy a Lexmark again because of not having seperate tanks. Any advice would be welcome . Thanks

  [DELETED] 08:42 14 Jun 2006

Consider HP 2575 all in one, sometimes on offer at around £100. You can buy double packs of high capacity inks which bring ink costs down to low levels

Photo output impressive

  wee eddie 09:24 14 Jun 2006

Most of us only have 1 printer which, either works and we love it, or doesn't and we hate it.

I can tell you that my last 2 Canons have been superb, but as they are no longer available, that's fairly useless information.

Not much help really.

Someone once told me to get last year's model 'cause it will be discounted and there will be plenty of compatible cartridges available for it. On the other hand Printer quality is coming on in leaps and bounds, so the latest models will be better than their predecessor.

  [DELETED] 09:43 14 Jun 2006

friends just bought a Canon all singing all dancing model for about £125. Prints, copies and scans. Also has separate colour tanks, so cheaper to replace. I have had a Canon Pixma for over a year and can't fault it.

  [DELETED] 09:49 14 Jun 2006

My sister looked hard and long before buyingand eventually got an HP 2575. It is a multifunction device, prints, scans and copies. It also has a a slot for the common memory cards. She has not had any problems. The print quality is good and the machine is very quiet in use unlike my Epson which clatters and shakes!

  spuds 10:53 14 Jun 2006

I have five printers, all of which have given good reliable trouble free service. Lexmark X5150 (4in1), good print-outs but expensive and sometimes hard to find cartridges. I refill at about 50p each. HP 590 OfficeJet (4in1), about seven years old, good workhorse, never any problems, and easily available cartridges which cost an 'average' price for compatibles. Epson C86, a basic cheap budget buy, again good solid workhorse, can be a little noisy. Compatibles for this, less than a £1 each using four colour tanks.HP Photosmart 325, which as the name suggests is a printer solely used for photographic work. This was obtained recently from PW World for less than £30.00 as a all stores stock clearance offer.

Finally a Samsung ML-4500 laser, again another budget buy, which as been superseded, with the new model at about £49.00 when on regular special offer. Toner cartridges can be expensive, unless you refill.

Then I have a couple of dot matrix, but they are another story, and not worth describing here.

Basically my advice, look at printing cost and availability of replacement cartridges. Buy the product best suited to your particular needs like basics or more specialized top quality work, which will increase in price range. Look for a recent discontinued model, which as been superseded by a later model. Usually a good discount is offered, and in most cases the specification are virtually the same.Usually a model number and slight cosmetic change, which adds extra price, because it is 'new model'.Visit a PC World store if you have one available, and have a look at their usually on view extended range, this will give you a feel for the product and your specifications. Check the price of the printer on the PCW website, for the collect from store price (usually a saving).

All printers should come with trial cartridges, this can be a little confusing, as some manufacturers supply full capacity for some models, and half capacity for others. Then consider the usually extra priced addition of a usb cable, which may cost £12.00 extra. I use the easily obtained 90p/£1.50 usb cables, which seem to work just as good on any printers.

Apologies for rambling on, but at the end of the day word of mouth is a good point, but the final decision making is to your price range and overhaul requirements, there's a vast printer market out there.

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