Buying New PC - Concerns over Mail Order Companies

  Souffle 10:30 01 Jul 2003


I am a new subscriber to this forum. I'm in the market for a new PC for home use, mainly just word-processing and internet.

I've read some really helpful stuff, both here and in the hard copy of PC Advisor.

My query is in relation to mail order companies. They all seem to have great pricing (presumably due to lower overheads on shop-space etc), but I have read several worrying reports here and elsewhere about many of the "big" (by which I mean prominent) mail order companies' after-sales service, particularly where the product as delivered doesn't match up to what was promised or is faulty.

Are there any mail order companies people would wholeheartedly *recommend* from personal experience, not only for good prices but (especially) for prompt and efficient resolution of any problems once your PC was delivered.

Whilst I'm probably looking at the super-budget range, I don't have a super budget, so getting the best price possible whilst having confidence in the company is going to be important to me.

Thanks for any help,

Souffle (new member)

You have to bear in mind that the negative reports from any major supplier, are from a tiny percentage of customers. You could buy from any major mail order house and the odds are things will be ok. Things can go wrong though, and for peace of mind check out your local independent store, that way if there are problems you can sort them out face to face and always pay by credit card for further protection.

  velodrome 10:45 01 Jul 2003

See this posting in Consumer Watch:
"Excellent service from AC computer warehouse"
posted by velodrome on Fri, 27.06.2003
As you can see I was satisfied.
check out their site:
click here

  deannatrois 11:42 01 Jul 2003


Yes, I agree with Somdor. The people who write nightmare stories are only a small proportion of computer buyers. Even Dell, who was recommended to me some years ago as having an unsurpassably good record with service etc weren't totally brilliant when I had problems with a PC - altho with a little polite assertiveness I did get them to fix the problem. Again, lots of people on here have had bad experiences with Time, but when I recently purchased from them and had problems with the scanner supplied I was able to sort it out with a little trouble and with no expensive calls to Time's Tech support thru using Chris's email address on this forum. However, whilst I found Chris to be helpful if a little slow at times, I don't think I'd have received the same type of response from a phone call to tech support.

However, there are no guarantees either way I am afraid. If u are thinking of spending £700 or so on a PC, it might be worth doing some research into the reliability of the components. When I was buying my first PC, I hit the PC Magazines etc and knew which components I wanted (some cheaper priced manufacturers don't look at the compatibility of products when working together and reviews will tell u which are the more reliable components) to try and reduce the chances of the PC breaking down and needing any tech support.

All companies will get it wrong sometimes but personally, I wouldn't buy from Mesh ever. I would buy from Time again (taking more care which scanner I choose lol).., a company some other people wouldn't go near.., but that is my personal opinion. Evesham, generally speaking do have a reasonable reputation but can be more expensive..,as can Dell. Carrerra seem to have a good reputation and reasonable prices. I don't seem to have seen negative comments about them on this site (altho I may have that opinion correctly shortly on this forum lol).

Some people swear by small local producers but again, bear in mind that they can be run by one person so u are reliant on that person's personal opinions on what makes a good PC. Just cause they run their own company, it doesn't necc. mean that they know best. Where I live, we have a couple of really good cheap small PC suppliers who will exchange parts etc u have problems with with no questions asked.., but when in London, I also received bad advice from small local producers.

I think u just have to keep a cynical eye on any PC supplier, remember that they are in the business of selling u a PC (i.e. they don't do it for free) and where u can, specify what u want even down to the components. (U often get a feel for how good a supplier is from the components list for their PC's) Get this is writing. Keep a cynical eye open on any mutterings about warranties and guarantees too. Don't assume anything.

I am probably suceeding in putting u off ever buying a PC. All I can say is that I have only had serious problems with one PC supplier (now out of business) and that taught me a lot. Remember, when making an order, if u have any queries about a PC/component u can always look it up on the net and phone back.

Enjoy your new PC!

  Souffle 12:11 01 Jul 2003

Thanks guys - that's all a great help.

Definitely not put off getting a PC - just think the key watchwords are RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!

I have a couple of friends who are pretty knowledgeable about this stuff - they've already agreed to accompany me to any bricks and mortar stores / look over anything from on-line companies to check for obvious bluff / causes for concern.

Thanks again for your posts.


  Way 1 12:20 01 Jul 2003

AGREE WITH deannatrois 100% -
however I would not discount Mesh. They make a formidable machine and even if their after sales service is a bit poor, the chances of you needing such support would be slim.
I personally would thoroughly recommend them.

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