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  crazyj 20:53 04 Sep 2005

I have just managed to get £300 into my new PC fund and I am too impatient to wait much longer. I am currently running a 7 year old pc: 500mhz cpu, 128mb RAM, 8mb shared graphics, with win 2000 and ubuntu linux, 20GB hard drive. I am currently torn between building a pc or getting a mac mini. If i build my own pc within a few months i can get a amd 3000+ sempron or 3000+ 64bit athlon, 512mb RAM, 256MB radion graphics card, dvd+/- drive, 80GB hard drive.

If i get the sempron I can get the graphics card if the athlon not.

I am currently drawn towards building my own for compattability and expandabillity. I do do alot of video editing on my dads PC as mine is too slow and i have heard that macs are great for image and video manipulation.

What are your opinions of what i intend to do and dose anyone know If it would be fine just slaping my 20GB hard drive in the new pc with win 2000 on it and continuing as normal until i can afford win XP.

Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 21:17 04 Sep 2005

Take a look at novatech's barebones systems:

click here

Good starting points for future upgrading.

Do you have the Win2k CD?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:19 04 Sep 2005

What you suggest is ok too but I find that it is cheaper to buy prebuild rather than individual components.

  jack 21:21 04 Sep 2005

Go for a basic machine with lots of upgradability,
then when funds allowget bit a posher bits.

Take a look at click here

Good prices for complete machine, bare bones boxes or components to make up your own.
I have just rebuilt this beast with a 64 bit MoBo bundle- not yet perfik but getting there

  crazyj 08:57 05 Sep 2005

Thanks I think I will go with nova techs 64 3000.

No Diodorus Siculus i do not have the win 2000 disc why do you ask.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 05 Sep 2005

I ask because if you do, you will not need to buy a new OS. If you don't have it, you can't just take a harddisk out of one machine and put it into a totally different machine.

  crazyj 11:44 05 Sep 2005

I have the serial no. can i not just re-activate it????

If not i could just use linux until i can get win xp

  Diodorus Siculus 13:04 05 Sep 2005

Win2k does not need activation; connecting up a hard disk to a new motherboard with its new components is not a good idea.

Chances are it will work.

Linux is a steep learning curve if you are feeling like a challenge!

  crazyj 13:14 05 Sep 2005

I am all ready running linux and have been for about a month so I am used to it all ready. Also it is not as hard to get used to as many people think.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:42 05 Sep 2005

I run Suse9.3 and it is great - easy to install and not bad for most things. Stick with it and save yourself £70.

  crazyj 13:43 05 Sep 2005

I use ubntu get it shiped free on a disk from click here

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