Buying a new Laptop...

  VanCity 22:03 05 Nov 2008

Im looking to buy a new laptop for the new year and I need some advice, I currently have a 4year old toshiba which has done me well but now is struggling with memory and has become very dated!

Im looking for one for realistically no more that £800 with a intel duo processor of at leat 2.0ghz, 3/4 gb memory, under 3kg and basically anything else which makes it mildly future resistant!

Just looking for advice on specific models or brands that are reliable.

A couple of other queries....

im heading out to Vancouver in January for around 9months - would i be better off buying out there?

and finally extended warranties....worth the extension?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

  The Brigadier 09:14 06 Nov 2008

I buy from click here or click here
Toshiba offered me a 2 year warranty for free when i bought my current laptop, an upgrade from the standard 1 year.

Power outage is different in Canada & UK.
Not sure of difference but doubt a UK one would work in Canada we use 240 volts & they use 110?

May be worth buying a cheap laptop to use whilst out in Canada?
2nd user possibly?

  Forum Editor 18:51 06 Nov 2008

it will work all over the world - you'll simply need to buy a socket adapter. Canada uses Type B North American NEMA 5-15 sockets and you can just plug your adapter in and use your machine normally - it will auto-switch to the voltage.

I've used my UK-bought laptops all over the world, and never had the slightest problem - that's the whole idea of a laptop.

  canarieslover 19:20 06 Nov 2008

My son has recently returned from Canada where he bought an Acer laptop at equivalent of £300 that would have cost around £600 over here. Obviously it would not then be viable to extend the warranty. Also the £ has dropped in value against $ since August when he was out there.
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  VanCity 19:53 06 Nov 2008

thanks for the responses.

Ive had no issues with my current one working over there so that was never really a concern.

The main thing really is model and make advice....if anyone has any?

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