Buying A New Laptop

  Daichi 20:56 14 Jul 2008

Hello everyone.
I hope people can help me with this issue as I am in kind of a hurry. I am looking to purchase a new laptop but am stuck for choice.
My previous desktop is now no longer working and I need an upgrade so I am heading towards a laptop. I would prefer a laptop as I will be going on regular holidays and I would need to take it with me. The laptop does not have to be portable or have long battery life though as I will not be using it on the plane. I will only be taking the laptop from place to place in a case and then will be setting it up on a desk so I need a desktop-replacement laptop.
I will be using it mainly for games and multimedia so I would want a very impressive screen like a full hd screen. I would also want impressive graphics that would have no problems running games.
I will be burning dvds and I would appreciate a laptop with a blu-ray drive but this is not a necessity.
I have a budget of £1500 and I would want a good warranty or customer support.
I was interested in the acer gemstone blue 8920g laptop. The most expensive version of it. Here it is: click here
but I was not so sure whether the graphics are really that good and capable of running new games.

I want a fairly new laptop as I need a laptop that will last me a minimum of around 3 years if not 4 years.
Any other recommendations or any comments regarding this laptop will be appreciated.
Thank you.

  citadel 23:02 14 Jul 2008

there is a review at of the 8920, there is also a list of graphics cards and how good they are, 9650m gs is in the class 1 section.

  GaT7 23:14 14 Jul 2008

The links are click here & click here. Crysis & similar new games will struggle with 9650M GS graphics.

There's a Dell XPS M1730 click here with dual SLi 8800GTX & an Ageia PhysX card for £1800 / 1740 with Quidco cashback click here. Pity they don't do a similar spec with a single 8800GTX & no PhysX card for ~£1500. That may have been ideal for your needs & budget.

Btw, the same Acer 8920G you linked to can be had for £25 less if you go via Play click here, & get Quidco cashback click here. G

  Daichi 14:35 15 Jul 2008

Ok, thanks for those opinions.
The dell does work out quite expensive so I can't buy that. I was originally only going to spend around £1000 on a laptop but then I read that gaming laptops cost a more so I upgraded my budget to £1500.
I was thinking of going for an alienware but not only are they expensive but my friend had one and he had a huge amount of problems with it regarding overheating and faulty keyboards.
Does anyone know how to upgrade the 1 year to a 3 year warranty on the acer 8920g on the website as I do not see an option?
Any help on considering a laptop for my need?
Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  GaT7 17:03 15 Jul 2008

You normally need to go to the manufacturer (Acer in this case) to get an extended warranty click here.

Here's another Dell XPS M1730 for £1548 (or 1498 with cashback) with 8700M GT graphics, a Physx card AND including 4-year premium support. Again, I'd have preferred dropping the Physx card for a better graphics card, but it cannot be done.

Couple of Rock Xtreme 770 laptops to consider too (prices incl VAT, excl del), with a 3-year warranty as standard. See how the various graphics cards compare from the link I provided earlier.

1. click here, with a T7800 CPU, 7950GTX graphics, 2Gb RAM & 160Gb HDD for £949 (you can configure the spec to suit your needs/budget).

2. click here, with a single 8800M GTX for £1500. Bit low on the HDD space & RAM, but should be easily upgradeable in the future if necessary.

Various Rock 770 laptops reviewed (make sure to match the review with the laptop you'll be buying. Also note that some of the reviews were written a while ago): click here, click here, click here, click here & click here. G

  GaT7 17:43 15 Jul 2008

Sorry, forgot the Dell link click here.

The Rock laptops are looking a better proposition though because of their better graphics. G

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