Buying a new computer for Christmas?

  [DELETED] 18:47 03 Dec 2003

Although many using this forum will be aware of this, may I encourage those buying a new computer as a present for Christmas to set it up and see that it works before the great day so that any problems can be ironed out

Every year we feel for those whose system is non functioning when plugged in on Dec 25th especially as the help line is usually non functioning as well - often until well after Christmas

  [DELETED] 21:23 03 Dec 2003

Thanks. Taken that precaution and customised the machine to suit the user. A very valuable point that deserves a 'bump'

  spuds 11:18 04 Dec 2003

Bit like the toy with faulty or no batteries on Christmas day. Shock, tears, anger and disbelieve.
Will some people never learn!..Bump.

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  [DELETED] 19:24 19 Dec 2003

Happy Christmas!

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^ Bump ^

  [DELETED] 20:46 20 Dec 2003

Whats going to happen when thousands of people all try and activate Windows XP at 6 am on Dec 25???


I'm already for a barrage of calls to deal with MSBlaster (its still out there) and other unpatched problems.

If you are preparing a PC for Xmas..
1) Activate it now.
2) Get the Anti Virus up to date
3) Didn't get AV? - get AVG free click here
4) Get Updating Windows at click here
5) Don't wake the kids or the missus having a sneeky game of CounterStrike at 2 am before Xmas day....

  [DELETED] 19:00 22 Dec 2003

Couldn't agree more. Friend of mine had a new hard disk put into a Dell machine under warranty. When he went on the internet a few days ago he got infected with Blaster a Welcher - Dell did not think to put on the Winxp updates to fix the Blaster problem. I wonder how many new Dell machines will get infected as soon as they are connected to the internet?

Merry Christmas - especially to the many people in this forum who have helped me with problems this year.

  [DELETED] 11:44 23 Dec 2003

Funny you should mention activation of XP on the 25th.

Put a new computer together for my daughter, and of course checked everything out, and it was working perfectly.

Decided to activate XP ahead of time, just in case. Did the activation bit, and bingo was infected with a little worm.

Had to go to Stinger to get rid of it.

Stupid isn't it, you have to activate XP and the simplest way is over the internet.

As Jester2K II says, there are nasty little viruses (or is it virii) waiting out there. Be careful, you do not want to let anyone open their pressie on Xmas day and get a nasty infection.

  [DELETED] 16:17 23 Dec 2003

You don't need to activate XP immediately.


Get on line, get AVG and THEN do the whizzy bits and activating!

Customize it, put it back in the box and work out how the heck to get it down the chimney!


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