Buying New Computer ?

  rawprawn 12:02 17 Jun 2006

I am thinking of buying a new computer, at the moment I have a Dell Dimension 4300 with XP Pro (4½ years old). I have been thinking of getting one of the new Apple computers that will use both Apple and Microsoft OS. Has anyone any comments, also if I stick to Microsoft (which I know)am I too early to go for Vista and has anyone any recomendations?

  Forum Editor 12:26 17 Jun 2006

will be a pleaseure to use. You'll find the MacOS fairly easy, although it has its little quirks - non of which are a problem in any way.

Vista will not be available for a while yet, so get your new machine now and enjoy it.

  rawprawn 12:37 17 Jun 2006

Thanks FE, does the new Apple come ready to load MS Windows ? I rather fancy a dual OS, or would you recomend just Apple?

  [DELETED] 08:43 18 Jun 2006

Bootcamp will (supposedly) be pre-installed in the nextgen os upgrade, 'Leopard', due out sometime this year.

But you can download it for free if you have osx 10+ (if you buy a model now you will have no probs.)

Hope this helps.

  rawprawn 13:21 18 Jun 2006

Thanks vinnyT

  [DELETED] 14:43 18 Jun 2006


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