Buying new comp help needed

  Daxsimus 22:14 11 May 2007

Hi guys, I'm treating myself to new comp but with so many choices on the market I cant make my mind up so I thought you guys might be able to narrow it down for me.
What I need to know is what would the minimum specs for a PC to run fast, have enough space to run vista premium, have enough storage and be able to watch movies etc on?
Also AMD Athlon or Intel processor. And should I bother with duel core?
Thanks any advise or recomendations greatly welcome, Dax.

  STREETWORK 22:47 11 May 2007

The way to buy anything is to set a budget and stick to it.

Have a look at the high end systems listed in PCA magazine...

  malgall 19:21 14 May 2007

the newer intel dual cores are best
do not touch the older intel pentium 4
in the end how much do you want to spend

a good place to go is dell
you can order online or over the phone

  Daxsimus 20:03 14 May 2007

Was wondering about Mesh computers are they any good? If not which is the best make of computer? Thx

  Totally-braindead 20:05 14 May 2007

STREETWORK is right you need an idea of a budget and then look. I mean the prices vary so enormously from £300 up to £2500 how can anyone advise without some idea of what you want to spend?

  Totally-braindead 20:07 14 May 2007

Do a search in Consumerwatch for Mesh and make your own mind up.
I build my own which is more expensive but I enjoy and wouldn't have a Mesh.
My favourite supplier is Novatech, and if I was looking for a complete new PC I'd look at theirs first, the prices are without monitors so bear that in mind. click here

  malgall 20:17 14 May 2007

you may pay a little more for dell but the after sales service is one of the best in the computer world
goto the web site the selection of computers
and tweaks is great

  Daxsimus 21:01 14 May 2007

My budget is between £500 and £1000 should have said before.

  SteveWH 22:29 14 May 2007

I have stuck to Evesham for my last few machines and not regretted it at all.Quality is good and most importantly they have a consistently good reputation for customer support.

  Totally-braindead 00:03 15 May 2007

Well what about this as a suggestion click here £650.95 with Vista Home Premium dual core 2 gig of memory and a massive 500 gig hard drive. And a reasonable graphics card too. Then add whatever monitor you like a 19" TFT click here and there you are a nice system that will last sometime to come.
Novatech have first class aftersales they could teach a lot of other companies a lesson.

If you are not interested in games at all then you could get a nice cheaper system without dual core for considerably less. You won't have to spend £1000 to get a really good PC.

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