Buying a laptop.. what to choose?

  GMPC 06:06 24 Oct 2006

I'm looking to buy a laptop and althogh i know a little bit when it comes to desktops, i'm a total ignorant when it comes to laptops. there are som many companies..

My use is 85% internet, some downloads maybe.

Basicly it's going to be stationary most of the time...

please help, my budget is about 700-900$..



  FRCS 11:50 24 Oct 2006

Dell are fine.

  sean-278262 20:47 24 Oct 2006

My use is 85% internet, some downloads maybe.
- No gaming? Nothing like video encoding or movie making. No photo editing? If any of the above can you tell me what you are planning to use exactly.

Basicly it's going to be stationary most of the time...
- How long would you need on the battery? 1hour, 2, 3 or more?

Does it need to be more portable than usable aka smaller laptop and screen with light weight or larger screen and laptop with more weight.

In truth you probably dont need to spend as much as you say. If all you plan is internet and word processing. Even occasional other things bar gaming will pass through this machine just file.

click here
Battery life (up to) 2.5 hours and a 15.4inch screen.

click here
14.1inch screen on this one.

Both under £400

There is a £299 laptop on offer somewhere as there is a thread about it but as the search on PCA doesnt work at all I cant find it. That would do you great. I cant see a reason for you to spend as much as you budget for what you want and need.

  Graham. 21:02 24 Oct 2006

I've just bought the Advent 7108 mentioned. Mustn't grumble.

  sean-278262 21:40 24 Oct 2006

Having reread your post GMPC I get the impression you are American from the dolars however you never say if you are or not, nor do you put it in terms we can work with. We are a UK forum and therefore only really buy from the UK. You might be better looking on more local sites to you than here as people nearer you can let you know of the better offers in your location.

However my advice about spending as much as you suggest still stands and there is no need to spend a small fortune.

  GMPC 02:13 25 Oct 2006

first of all thanks for the information and the reply.
i was just looking for help about what to buy..
not where.

just wanted to understand the basics..



  moorie 06:55 25 Oct 2006

hi gmpc,
if your mainly surfing and occasional downloading you dont need to go too spec heavy but bare in mind laptops arent as easily upgradeable as desktops.
i use my laptop for similar useage as your op and it was £299 and copes admirally
look for m processor 1.6mhz or higher
minimum of 512mb for xp 1gb even better
onboard wireless if you want to connect to network or desktop in your house.
battery life,its up to you,if you meant by static that you will have an electric socket close by most of the time i guess it wont be as important to you.
ps if you are american i guess you could pick up that sort of spec sub 200$

  utdred 09:41 25 Oct 2006

Ive just bought a 'Star Buy' Laptop from

Mainly because I was looking for a bargain with mid range specs. So far im very pleased. Their range of laptops is well worth checking out.

  moorie 10:41 25 Oct 2006

sorry got the dollar/pound wrong way round heres one that would do the job if usa seeclick here

  wee eddie 11:59 25 Oct 2006

I am using a laptop that I bought in September '02 and it has no problem with M$ Office the Net or Movies.

The only changes I have made is to get rid of NAV and install more memory. Currently at 512MB which is just adequate, but I would recommend more.

Interesting observation: The increase in memory from 256MB to 512MB increased the battery life by almost a third. I can only put this down to less use of the HDD as an alternate memory Cache.

Conclusion: almost anything will do the basic tasks. 1GB of memory would be helpful. Try to see how good the screen is, mine is adequate but has a slightly washed out appearance.

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