Buying a laptop in France

  steffyoak 15:15 07 Jul 2014

Hi all, having just moved to France (Normandy) from the UK we find that both our Mac desktop & Acer chromebook have crashed on us & despite best efforts we're struggling to get them fixed

We're contemplating buying a new laptop here but came across some comments online about the functionality/language/keyboard etc..of a laptop bought in France versus those made for the english speaking world. Do you have any advice on this subject? We honestly hadn't given that a thought & almost bought one off the shelf from a store nearby

Are we better buying one online from a UK base & shipping over? Plus...I am completely overwhelmed by the choice available...I need something to run basic "office" functionality on as well as for good level internet browsing, & music/video streaming. If we're unable to get the MAC fixed then it'll also need to serve as our main PC for storing pics etc...just not sure where to start in getting a decent replacement without spending a fortune! (as per wasted money on the MAC which has gone kaput after 2 odd years)

many thanks in advance

  wee eddie 15:52 07 Jul 2014

Mac has presence in France, to the best of my knowledge.

Google should be your friend.

Do they still have Minitel. "Mac service" and the name of your nearest provincial centre should do the trick

  john bunyan 17:06 07 Jul 2014

Worth a read:

Language options in W8

If you Google "language options in Windows 8" there is a lot of info.

The advantage of a local store purchase is return if faulty but I would choose a brand like Toshiba. Here is another thread - have a look:

other thead

  spuds 17:12 07 Jul 2014

The forum does have a number of long-term ex-pats living in France, Bald Eagle and Sapins I think are two such members. If they see this, perhaps they might have all the answers you need?.

  steffyoak 19:36 07 Jul 2014

many thanks all for the info so far. I'll post a separate note about my Mac problems in case anyone else has come across it too

  steffyoak 19:38 07 Jul 2014

sorry...forgot to ask specifically about the I right in thinking a french bought one will not have a qwerty keyboard??

  alanrwood 08:34 08 Jul 2014

You are correct. It would have a French keyboard and Windows would display in French. You could buy a UK keyboard and fit it or a USB keyboard. Changing the language display in Windows is covered elsewhere. Do a Google.

  john bunyan 13:45 08 Jul 2014

Worth a glance:

QUERTY in France

  Bald Eagle 19:58 08 Jul 2014

My one reservation about buying in France is the total lack of customer service. Believe me if you buy a computer over here and it is broken on day one their only offer will be to send it away for repair, no refunds or exchange will be offered. Even native French folk have great difficulty with repairs and returns. I would recommend buying from the UK, I do for most things.

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