Buying laptop and check up to old one

  petite 11:50 26 Jun 2006

My current laptop (a Dell pentium 4, 2.4 ghz, 512 Ram) is almost gone, it had a 2 year warranty service and it was on service 3 times during those years. Warranty is long gone (last year and it has problems again, I thing it is the ventilator and it was never quite well fixed, it keeps *[email protected]:ting it self down). So I don't know if it is worth sending it back againg or buy a new one. I start feeling that one just buy a computer for as long as the warranty lasts for. Has anyone got any advice on that? I just don't want to send it and threw money to the bin.
I have been looking at laptops in a budget and I found this Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 Pentium M 1.73GHz / 512MB / 60GB / TFT15 / DVDRW / WinXP Home. I am not wuite sure what is better as a processor Pentium 4 or M.
I do use it now to build a website (as part of my distance learning masters, and I would be happy to continue along that path, so I need somethng that is going to hold for a while and support different softwares.
I think that buing again something more expensive as a intel core duo, would be worth it, but I don't feel it is worth because maybe one buy just for a few years, maybe 4 at most? Has anyone got any advices on this as well? I am sorry that is such a long mail.
Many thanks

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