Buying an iPhone 4 eBay

  john bunyan 16:09 08 Sep 2013

Is it safe to buy an iPhone 4 32 gig on eBay at about £230 from a high rated seller? Granddaughter off to Uni and the 3 network offers a monthly contract (free SIM)at about £13 with unlimited data 5000 texts and good call minutes. Prefers not to have a 2 year contract at about £30 plus £12 insurance as a "poor" student. She particularly wants an iPhone.

  rickf 19:02 08 Sep 2013

Do the usual checks like look at feedback from the seller. I would email first to ask any questions you may have to see if you get a prompt response. Pay by Paypal using your credit card and you are protected on both fronts. I do use eBay a lot over the years and really have not had any problems. On two occasions after raising disputes, PP refunded me in full. Just follow the rules. An expensive item like that should be sent RM next special delivery with tracking. This service provides automatic cover up to £500. Hope that helps.

  john bunyan 19:46 08 Sep 2013


Thanks - wilco.

  spuds 01:08 09 Sep 2013

"high rated seller" can mean a number of things with eBay, so I would suggest that you check the latest feedbacks from buyers, for indication to 'present customer service'.

I make many purchases via eBay, and in the main, most deals are top class, but I do tend to find that its the 'technical' items that can cause the most concern, depending on descriptions given by the seller, hence check feedbacks.

What I would also suggest, is have a look at somewhere like Amazon, because a number of "high rated seller's" on eBay might also be selling on Amazon.

Perhaps a further word of advice, when purchasing a contract,its usually through a 're-seller', which could lead to problems if that reseller goes out of business.

  onthelimit1 08:27 09 Sep 2013

A lot of people these days are on almost automatic upgrade of phones. This leads to little used, quality phones being sold. I was lucky in that my daughter in law has just had such an upgrade and gave me her pristine iPhone4.

  john bunyan 19:59 09 Sep 2013

Jock 1e

3 offer a SIM only with about £13 a month with I think 600 mins calls, 5000 texts and unlimited data - only one month notice. I hate tying up or 2 years or more. Gif Gag is another possibility for a "poor" student. Maybe a" good" used iPhone 4 - 32gig (about £280) with one of the aforementioned. I assume you can get them unlocked?

  john bunyan 23:45 09 Sep 2013


Her boyfriend uses Gif Gaf - I think a cheaper provider that uses the O2 network, With the 3 network, you can walk away after a month if you do not like it. For her circumstances she does not want to get into a 2 year fix at £40 or so a month with limits on data

  john bunyan 23:49 09 Sep 2013


Sorry - did not fully read your link - I see Virgin offer a rolling contract too. Will follow up.

  onthelimit1 08:10 10 Sep 2013

I'm sim only with EE - £10 a month, although limited data.

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