Buying "ex-display" from Ebuyer

  MrNewName 14:59 24 Nov 2009

I'm looking to purchase a monitor from Ebuyer and they have one about £30 cheaper than anyone else - it is marked as "ex-display: Box Damaged - Item is in excellent condition, but external packaging is damaged".

Can anyone say how this would impact on the warranty? Will it have the normal warranty or something else? I've tried calling them but just get added to a queue.

Thanks, Kevin

  Ranger 15:04 24 Nov 2009

Normally the usual warranty applies, if not companies normally tell you that

  MrNewName 15:04 24 Nov 2009

I'll try to order by phone then and double check with them.

Much appreciated.

  donki 15:08 24 Nov 2009

Yup it will be the normal warranty unless Ebuyer have stated otherwise. If you want to be dead certain give them a call they have great customer service.

  spuds 00:13 25 Nov 2009

"Will I have the normal warranty or something else"

Now that can depend on the terms of sale being a 'ex-display' model. Monitors can have a 3 year warranty, either swap-out or RTB. Others may have 1 year warranty with an extention warranty being provided by the dealer (PCW use to do this, they may still!) depending on the trade agreement with the manufacturers.

Under consumer law you should be covered ( if brand new and no special term have been applied)for the first six months, when it is the sellers who as to prove that there was not a fault. The next six months it is for you to prove that there is a fault. Some items though can be covered for up to 6 years in England and Wales, and 5 years in Scotland.

Now back to the 'ex-display' part. I purchased a Medion monitor from Staples, and that was a 'display' model. It was supplied with the box, warranty card etc, but minus an instruction book. I contacted Medion and registered the monitor under the 3 year warranty cover, and at the same time asked if they could supply an instruction book (mentioning that Staples had lost the instruction book, because the item was a 'display' model).

Medion accepted the warranty and made a charge for a photocopy of the intruction book. Three days later, Medion contacted me to state that their warranty was void, because the item that I had purchased "was a display model, and as such a second-hand or second-user product" and their warranty didn't apply. Long story, and many phone calls plus correspondence between mysel, Medion and Staples. Medion then stated that they would accept the first year only (which the retailer would have possibly been responsible for under consumer law!). In the end Staples accepted the full 3 years, with the proviso that they would either refund or replace, which ever I wanted within the 3 year period if things went wrong.The monitor is still in use now,after 3 years, and as never been a problem at all.

Apologies for the long response, but make sure that you have all the parts, plus a confirmed guarantee, and not something that states 'ex-display', which might come back an haunt you at at a later date. Peraps I should mention that Staples gave either a 5% or 10% price reduction, because of 'display' status, but I lost this and more in trying to sort out the problem, so the rice reduction wasn't really worth all the hassle in the end.

  Input Overload 08:49 25 Nov 2009

Do a search on Google for 'Barge Poles'. ;-)

  MrNewName 14:55 25 Nov 2009

Ebuyer confirmed that it will have the same warranty as all products that they sell; the warranty is in no way compromised by virtue of being ex-display. Similarly it is covered by distance selling regulations.

  MrNewName 15:43 25 Nov 2009

It arrived shortly after I posted last message; all in perfect condition and looks unused. All cables still in their wrappings and plastics on the casing. Only the box looked damaged.

I'm happy to have received a 22" monitor that sells for about £150 for only £119 including delivery.

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