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  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 11:14 13 Jul 2003

I know that people have had mixed experiences with ebuyer, but I would like to know whether these problems are purely aftersales related or whether they relate to long delivery times.

The reason I ask is that I'm looking to buy a BenQ monitor and ebuyer have 13 listed as 'in stock'

I was going to buy this item from Dabs but they do not have in in stock at present. I also tried Watford Electronics but the situation was the same.

  ardvarc 11:47 13 Jul 2003

I have a ongoing problem with Ebuyer. I ordered a MSI Motherboard on June 6th and they took payment from my account on that date and I have yet to receive full order. Full story will most likely be told in here and I have told them so. Are you watching this space Kevin, it is now 31 days since complaint?

However I have to say I have spent a considerable sum on various components from them these last couple of years and this is the first time they have messed up on one. I think it is a case of when they are good they are very good and the not so often when they are bad..........

Thanks, ardvarc.

Can I assume that the motherbaord was shown as being in stock when you placed your order?

  Totally-braindead 12:03 13 Jul 2003

Personally, I used Ebuyer for about a year and all was well. Then I got an order that was faulty on delivery, I got it replaced eventually and the replacement was faulty as well. The next replacement was ok but it took 6 weeks to sort it out. I was a bit miffed to say the least but decided it could have been a "glitch". My next order arrived and what a disaster that was, of the 9 items ordered 6 were faulty and one was smashed, it took about 3-4 months to get it all sorted out and ensure I got my money back. Although I was out of pocket for the hassle and the postage. I decided not to use them again, if the item sent is in perfect working order then great, if not, well you know the story. By the time I added on the cost of return postage they were no cheaper than anyone else. Some people are lucky with Ebuyer and I was one of them but after the last fiasco I go elsewhere. You pays your money and take your chance..... I'd wait till it was in stock elsewhere if I was you.

Hmmm, Totally-braindead, that's got me thinking.

I would very much prefer to buy the montor from a store where returning items is much easier. Trouble is, I haven't been able to find any stores that stock BenQ monitors. I have also looked at other models from LG and CTX but buying on line seems to be the only options for the models I'm looing at. In fact, I have been unable to locate any stores that sell CTX monitors.

Apart from Dabs, Ebuyer and Watford Electronics, can anyone recomend a good on line supplier. I have tried Simply but they don't stock BenQ monitors either.

  ardvarc 12:30 13 Jul 2003

There was about 40 - 50 or more Motherboards in stock when I ordered but Ebuyer claim that their supplier sent them a faulty batch with parts missing, Backing Plate which is unique to this MoBo and the other accessories. In fact the boxes contained the MoBo only - full stop. These boxes were not sealed and apparently they don't check incoming orders to see they get what they paid for and shipped the goods as is to the customers. There were a number of customer complaints before they realized their mistake.

Like Totally-braindead after a couple of days of this I went elsewhere for the CPU and all the components to make a full working PC but they haven't been tested. The rest needs a violin playing ;-)

  -pops- 12:36 13 Jul 2003

I had problems with the stock notices at ebuyer. I placed my order for an item of which there were over 400 in stock - according to their website. I checked the order acceptance email that came through almost immediately and it read Awaiting Stock. I rechecked on the website and sure enough, in the time it had taken to process my order (on a Sunday) someone had bought their entire stock of 400 items at £230 a go - I think not!!

Needless to say, I cancelled and went elsewhere.


1. Never place an order anywhere for out of stock items, even if it says 1 - 3 days.

2. Always check your confirmation email for the stock situation and cancel if it is any different to what you were led to believe when you placed the order.


  Steric 16:43 13 Jul 2003

I had a similar problem with them! I first ordered a SMC Broadband Router perfect no problem at all, perfectly happy. Then I ordered a 3 pin APC Surge Protector for my laptop. They sent a 2 pin, which obviously won't fit. I emailed them and they said they sent a 2 pin as the 3 pin were out of stock! I asked for a return number and also for a refund plus my postage as this was a 100% Ebuyer error. The postage was clearly marked on the outside and a receipt was put in the box in the post office before I sealed the box with tape. They claimed the reciept was NOT in the box when they opened it and without the receipt they couldn't refund me the postage.

I got my money back for the surge protector but I was out of pocket by about £3 for postage. That is enough for me to go and buy else where. I ended up approaching APC online and bought a 3 pin protector from them with no problems.

If a company wants my business they have to treat me fairly otherwise I never buy off them again and to this date I never have.

  bremner 18:03 13 Jul 2003

I have ordered many things from Ebuyer and to date have never had any problems. Delivery if anything has been earlier than stated and all the goods have been faultless.

I realise that this now means that my next order will arrive late, be broken, i will be unable to contact them and will spend months getting a replacement. Thats called sods law...

  Yabadaba 20:13 13 Jul 2003

Go to the Benq UK Web site where there is a list of local stoctist of their monitors,hope this helps.

Thnaks, Yabadaba

This was the first thing I did but the links were not much use as they seem to be for companies supplying services to the corporate market.

I have decided to give Ebuyer a chance and according to the email confirmation, the monitor should arrive early Tuesday morning (I paid the additional £2.50 for next business day delivery).

Will post back with the outcome.

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