Buying Digital recorder - Hard drive or DVD RW

  Barnacarry 15:41 25 Oct 2008

With everything going digital I am about to buy a new digital recorder but I'm not sure what to get.
If hard drive, what size? If DVD RW, will it hold a complete film of, say, 2 hours?
All this new technology is becoming a real pain for someone of my age.

  Barnacarry 15:59 25 Oct 2008

Out of interest, as my LCD TV has Freeserve built in, would there be any conflict with the built-in Freeserve on the recorder?

  lofty29 16:05 25 Oct 2008

A dvd RW will record up to six hours on lowest quality, there should be no conflict with your digital tv, if you can go for the extra quids why not go for a dvdrw with hdd, they have come down a lot in price lately. ps the only conflict with the tv is via the scart switching priorities in the same way as an old vhs.

  Barnacarry 16:35 25 Oct 2008

Instead of using scart leads, I understand that HDMI leads are better but I'm unsure what the benefits are, or to be perfectly honest, what they are.

  Pamy 16:42 25 Oct 2008

I would go for hard drive and disk recording if possible

  interzone55 17:07 25 Oct 2008

I've got a Panasonic freeview recording with both 250gb hard drive and a DVD recorder unit that takes all DVD disk types. I've found this unit very easy to work, and if I like a programme I've recorded to the hard drive I can copy it to a DVD to free up hard disk space.

As for HDMI, if your TV has one of these then I'd advise getting a suitable HDMI lead, this is a fully digital connection and ensures best picture quality.

  HondaMan 17:25 25 Oct 2008

In my view, having had a HDD recorder for 3 or 4 years, there is no question. Get one with a hard drive of 80GB or over. You can edit the progs on the HDD and copy advert-free or other edited progs to DVD-R or RW. With DVDs as cheap as 50p each6 I find this the easiest way to go.

People who have bought a CD-R/RW without the HDD have without exception reghretted their choice.

Go for quality rather than price!

  Barnacarry 17:38 25 Oct 2008

Now that sounds like a good idea, being able to copy to DVD. My TV does have an HDMI connection so all I've got to do now is sift through the prices and reviews.
Many thanks for your help, everyone. I now have whats left of the weekend to check out the sites.

  Barnacarry 17:40 25 Oct 2008

Ok HondaMan, Quality rather than price!
Here goes.

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