Buying a desktop for bedroom

  Hetti 08:00 07 Dec 2012

I'm thinking about buying a desktop to replace an old one we have in a upstairs bedroom, we have had lots of problems with internet connections with the present machine and have bought a external wireless adapter (I think that's what it is called) but that also loses internet connection often and we need to sync it back to the Virgin super hub downstairs very often and we are tired of it. Its not just the fact we have problems connecting to the internet the PC is really at the end of its life.

My question is what does the new PC need to have the best chance of finding/connecting to the downstairs modem? I realize laptops are better for finding/connecting wirelessly but I really need a desktop PC.

  Pine Man 08:14 07 Dec 2012

Why does the new PC have to be WiFi. Have you considered 'Homeplugs', which make every socket in your house an extension to your router. I think Solwise are one of the companies that make them.

I use them for a PC upstairs and a TV downstairs and they work perfectly.

  Nontek 08:24 07 Dec 2012

I agree with Pine Man as regards using Homeplugs, I also use Homeplugs.

But can you say why a laptop would not be suitable? I recently ditched my old desktop in favour of a laptop, I would not want a desktop again!

If it is because you don't like laptop built-in 'mouse' or touch pad use (both of which I don't like), then you could used a USB keyboard and a larger external Monitor connected to laptop - again, this is what I use! I also have an external hard-drive connected to laptop for keeping my Acronis backups.

The keyboard and monitor you are currently using will probably both work with a laptop.

  Hetti 08:24 07 Dec 2012

Thanks Pine Man So long as it works It need not be a wireless PC, I just took a quick look at the Homeplugs on Amazon around £40 for two, I dont know anything about them though, is it just a matter of placing them in the socket and away you go? do I need just one for each PC, if this is so, is there any benefit using two for one PC say to get a better connection?

Thanks for your help

  Hetti 08:25 07 Dec 2012


It is simply you get more for your money with a desktop, no other reason really.

  Nontek 08:28 07 Dec 2012

An added advantage of doing it my way, is that the only button used on the laptop is the On button - otherwise, the actual laptop is never touched, meaning that it is still in pristine condition after nine months use, it will probably still be in pristine condition after years of use!

  Nontek 08:33 07 Dec 2012

More for your money!! Depends on your budget I think.

Homeplugs - initially two are needed. One plugs into your Router and the Mains, the second connects to Ethernet socket on computer in bedroom and the mains - via Ethernet cables which are supplied with the plugs. Any number of single Homeplugs/computers can be added at any time, as long as they are all on the same Ring-Mains in the building.

  Pine Man 08:34 07 Dec 2012

You need one homeplug where it connects to the router and then one homeplug for each appliance that you connect to the ring main.

  Hetti 09:21 07 Dec 2012

I think I get the gist of that, but as the router is quite a way from the sockets in the living room if it needs a cable run to it it would need to be about 22 foot long, would this be standard or would I need to look for a special one?

  Pine Man 09:38 07 Dec 2012

Surely the router has a power cable running to it already?

As far as I am aware a homeplug can work on an extension lead.

  Nontek 10:42 07 Dec 2012

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