Buying a custom spec PC

  [DELETED] 14:09 14 Aug 2003

I appreciate it's probably not the done thing for my first post to be a question - but anyway...

Despite working in the IT industry, I'm officially hopeless at anything to do with home PCs and hardware. I'm thinking of buying a new PC for my husband's small business and my own leisure use (using the Internet, playing music etc. - but not games).

Anyway, I've done a bit of research, and think I know what I want. I don't want to buy a package but don't want to build it from scratch, so can anyone recommend a good company to use for a mix 'n' match type deal?

I've seen Able Computers, The PCman, Dell,, Acid Computer Systems all do this kind of thing. Any recommendations or ones to avoid?

  S5W 15:49 14 Aug 2003

Hello LouC
I bought an Evesham tailor made, high spec. computer in May 02. It has been totally reliable. A couple of things have needed sorting out due to my inexperience and on each occasion the Evesham staff, via prompt e mail reply have put me right.
Hope this helps.

  [DELETED] 15:52 14 Aug 2003

Thanks S5W. I'll look them up.

I've been browsing this forum and seen lots of reference to Mesh Computers - they seem to be thought of quite highly?

  [DELETED] 16:04 14 Aug 2003

A few years ago one had to buy mail order to get a reasonable price, but not any longer. there's a thread in this forum about using your local computer shop (ie not the local branch of a national chain, but a local independent supplier). He (maybe it's she!) will build to your spec, without throwing in any supposeded freebies, and will be available easily if you ever have problems. Price may depend on what the local market will stand - my sister, near Doncaster, has a "little man" who builds good systems for really low prices; doubt if my local man would match them here in Cumbria. But even so prices here compare very favourably with on-line/mail order. Try your local people before you source from further afield, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  [DELETED] 16:10 14 Aug 2003

I hould have added that especially as you know what you want you'd be better off using someone local. In my experience it's much easier to discus your requirements face to face than over the phone with a faceless person (however knowledeable); and some sites, worse still, require you to "build" your computer without help froma real person, merely by ticking boxes.

  Diemmess 16:59 14 Aug 2003

Do you know what you want well enough to be able to specify every part? If so and you are quite clear in your own mind, then try Novatech Blueprint click here There is a wide choice and the on-line service matches mobo and CPU with memory etc. Novatech when questioned, admit that they include £60 to the component list for setting a tech to assemble it for you.

Otherwise - Palinka has a point if you trust your local independant shop....... and even Dell if ordered online are very good value from a wide range of specifications and recently included a 3 year on-site warranty for a friend of mine

  [DELETED] 17:42 14 Aug 2003

Have a look at click here Get the system built to the spec you require. Built and delivered in ten days.

  [DELETED] 18:04 14 Aug 2003

try good prices and theres a great forum there incase u need help you`ll have your questions answered very quickly.

  [DELETED] 18:23 14 Aug 2003

As palinka says or, there's almost certain to be someone local to you who builds for a hobby. You will be able to get exactly what you want then and know you have all high quality components and built by someone who cares - and is local in case something goes amiss.


  carver 20:23 14 Aug 2003

One thing to keep in mind is the length of warranty you will get from anybody who builds your PC. In the 2 years I have had my Mesh PC it has had a new graphics card(£150) and a new hard drive(£70) and I still have another 8 months warranty left and by that time I'll be ready for a new PC, it will then be cheaper to buy another base unit instead of trying to upgrade the one I've got. One other thing to look into is the cost of any help line you might have to phone in case of trouble, some of them are a £1 a minute and 20 minutes can soon go by. And yes I would buy another Mesh.

  [DELETED] 20:27 14 Aug 2003

I dont know where you live LouC but with a company Like Evesham you could have the best of both worlds, along with their website they do have some shops in some towns so check on the website and see if there is one near you.
hope this helps.

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