buying a cube 247 pc

  jamiebuyers 13:05 24 May 2008

hey peeps,

just looking for some advice here, im thinking of buying a pc from cube see link below for specs

click here

Now the reason ive gone for the multi screen option is that im a massive world of warcraft fan and want to be able to play the game and still browse the likes of thotbot with out having to alt tab out of the game in a benign enviorment(if you play the game u will know how annoying this can be). What i really want to know is that the system will be upto scratch for my needs, i know wow loves ram for all the addons i run so thats why ive gone for the most i can get, does anyone reckon i will have anydramas with what i want to achieve with this system.
Any feedback or advice would be greatly appriciated



  100andthirty 16:48 24 May 2008

Personally, I always struggle with web sites that don't publish the address of the company.

  GaT7 18:35 24 May 2008

I fully agree with 100andthirty, though they seem a legit company as their system are regularly reviewed by popular PC mags including our very own PCA - see click here. Perhaps PCA can help with the address, & explain the lack of it on their website?

Forum search for the company click here - mostly unfavourable reviews, but remember people tend to post only when something goes wrong.

Their systems are usually well-specified & offer good value too, but their lack of support is worrying. If you're the kind who can sort out his/her own PC issues, then may be worth a go. But first make sure you have their address & some assurance from PCA.

They used to sell on eBay too click here, but I guess they stopped as it wasn't very profitable? G

  GaT7 18:37 24 May 2008

Oh, & make sure to pay with a CREDIT CARD if purchasing. G

  rdave13 18:46 24 May 2008
  GaT7 18:53 24 May 2008

Thanks rdave13, & apologies to all for my hasty oversight. G

  100andthirty 19:48 24 May 2008

Yes - apologies from me too - and I looked hard for the address too!

  jamiebuyers 04:50 25 May 2008

cheers guys thnx for advice i been trawling other forums for reviews and the favourable reviews are really good, and like u said cross most ppl only post when summit goes wrong.
now the other thing i want to clear up is the system itself, its not strictly a gaming platform, more off a work based multi-tasker, however with the phenom x4 9850 cpu and 2048 nvidea gpu plus 8G of ram i reckon it should happliy run world of warcraft at the highest settings with decent fps and still allow me to browse the web on one of the other separate monitors. This is the only game i really play atm, perhaps warhammer online when it comes out needless to say im strictly a mmorpg buff.
anyone reckon i'll have a problem with that?

  GaT7 16:17 25 May 2008

I don't thing you'll have a problem running even more stuff at the same time, but there are no guarantees with how computers behave - even from one day to the next. Perhaphs you can ask Cube if there will be any problems - will be interesting to know what they say.

8Gb RAM is complete overkill for what you're going to be using it for. Also note that a 32-bit OS will recognise/use about 3-3.5Gb anyway.

4Gb will be more than enough - make sure to get 2x 2Gb modules so you can easily increase it to 8Gb in the future if required.

Going from 4 to 8Gb isn't going to make much noticeable difference, I don't think. Unless you run too many memory-hogging programs at the same time. Who knows, 8Gb & more may become useful in the future. G

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