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  onokeck 23:51 27 Nov 2004

Straight off the bat - I AM NOT complaining! I have just bought a lovely AMD 64 3200 from JAL Computers (never heard of them eh? Check all the latest reviews in the top PC mags). I ordered by phone on Thursday, 16 Nov and was promised delivery on Friday, 26 Nov. It arrived at 1400 hours on 26 Nov! How great is that?? Now, while I am by no means an expert with computers (I am 70 years old and bought my first PC in 1993)I like to think that I can find my way around the old "box". My point is this - If one is not familiar with the workings of a pc and it's associated hardware & software do not buy from a quality builder such as JAL- they are not sent to you as an "unpack & play system". There is one hell of a lot of software loading and "preening" to be done before you can really get down to business. You certainly do not get a fancy instruction booklet that tells you to "connect green to green & pink to pink." If a buyer does not have the time or knowledge to dive in for themselves I suggest they stick with the outfits that offer the "box to play" systems. I am happy with my purchase and have loaded everything up and am happily doing my "thing" with a good on-site warranty and tech support. I will cetainly keep you posted on the performance of my JAL. I will (hopefully) tell you that I have had no problems and those I did have were dealt with promptly. We will see. I would love to be able to promote a company that could seriously dent the market of Mesh,Dell, et al. Casey

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:28 28 Nov 2004

'I would love to be able to promote a company that could seriously dent the market of Mesh,Dell, et al.'...ahhh! the ubiquitous, stunning British support of companies that do well.


  onokeck 08:53 28 Nov 2004

My Dear Gandalf,
Have you not looked in the PCA Help Forum lately? Every other complaint or problem seems to be with these so called "do well" companies. Maybe I am generalizing, but my point seems to have been missed - let's give the smaller, independant guys a try. And by the way, whoever told you that Dell and Compaq needed British support. They are American companies and the way they snuggle up to Microsoft means they certainly do not need that support. Dubya seems to be the only "company" that needs (and gets) British support! Have a Nice Day!! <|:-)> Casey

  spuds 11:18 28 Nov 2004

It's good to hear of first hand experiences, especially if it is concerning a company not in the top 5 etc.

Keep up the good work casey, and keep the forum informed as to future developments.

  TomJerry 12:03 28 Nov 2004

if you want something, you need to pay for it either in time or money

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