Buying components from who?

  nojs 15:29 16 Apr 2005

Can any one suggest a competitive supplier who they can recommend for bits for a self build?

I was going to order from scan but have read some bad things.

What are overclock (Not overclockers)like?

I know whats good for one person can be bad for another but advice is appreciated.

  961 15:36 16 Apr 2005

Novatech, every time

  bremner 15:41 16 Apr 2005

Dabs click here
Ebuyer click here

Are worth looking at too.

  Totally-braindead 16:05 16 Apr 2005

No experience of overclock, I use Novatech, Dabs, Watford, Komplett and Scan. All have been good for me unlike Ebuyer who I avoid. However having said this some people love them, Ebuyer that is, and all the suppliers do muck things up from time to time. Of the ones I mentioned I usually check Novatech first and also use Choicestationery for my consumables paper, ink etc. I also have a look here first to have a look as to what prices are but they don't check all suppliers so it worth looking about click here

  Charence 16:15 16 Apr 2005
  futurhead 19:36 16 Apr 2005

i`ve just bought most of my components for a build from savastore. reliable usually about the cheapest. cti are quick and getting stuff out but watch the charge if you use a credit card and their server meeses your order up so they call you. dabs is ok but don`t seem to have the stuff you want in stock.plenty of dabs value stuff in stock tho ( figure that out) like its been said, they all get it wrong sometimes. take a look at kelkoo to get an idea of the avarage price for bits you know your not paying well over the odds then

  rdave13 21:59 16 Apr 2005

PCNEXTDAY.CO.UK Very competitive and in my experience,very good; they failed to deliver the next day and when I complained through their coustomer reply section they promptly reimbursed my delivery charges.
Can't get better.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:13 16 Apr 2005

Nowhere comes more highly recommended than Crucial, go there for ram click here also try The Cooling Shop click here for heatsinks and fans.

  MIke 09:12 17 Apr 2005

I know they have had some poor comments, but I've always found e-buyer to be fine. I've bought quite a few things from them over the last three years with no problems at all.

My most recent purchase was a New DVD ROM drive as my old one won't read DVD R's I o usually use the SuperSaver option for delivery as it is cheaper, and sometimes free. I'm not supposed to get the drive untiul next Tuesday but it arrived last Friday and is now installed and working fine.

My previous purchase was two pieces of Crucial RAM. One of which appeared to be faulty on arrival, as my PC was crashing with it installed. I did wonder how I'd get on with their returns policy, but dutifully filled in the online returns form, and sent off the faulty memory as instructed. On testing it they found it faulty and I received a refund back to my credit card no hassle. I admit the whole procedure took about 10 days, but did go quite smoothly.


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