buying from amazon; shipping address different

  p;3 22:16 20 Nov 2006

I am ordering an item on line from amazon that I wish to be shipped to an address other than my home address so that it can be correctly converted;

so far I cannot see any way to tell the server that the shipping address is not my home address

unlike other servers I have been on , I am not given the option to tell it that the shipping address is different from my home address

anyone know how I might do that ?

  marjted 22:56 20 Nov 2006

Log on to the site and then go to 'Your Account'. There is an option here to 'Manage your addresses' or something similar. Now you can enter new addresses or change details easily. I think also that in the checkout routine, you are asked whether you want it sending to your address or another, so it is all quite straightforward.

  spuds 10:57 21 Nov 2006

You may find that some suppliers will not send goods to a different shipping address, to that what is specified on a credit or debit card agreement.

Buying from Amazon USA for item from the USA can sometimes have its problems, using Amazon UK can sometime be an advantage within their affiliate/partners program for shipping purposes.

  p;3 11:08 21 Nov 2006

that is the hitch I think I have got; another on-line service I have does allow me to state what is my billing address and what is my delivery address and will send to the address NOT on my card;

I have now to find Amazon UK...


  Diodorus Siculus 11:15 21 Nov 2006

Try sending the item as a gift to the other address

  p;3 11:34 21 Nov 2006

Am awaiting feedback from the company who can convert the video to see if they will have it sent straight to them at their request; if they will it will definitly help

  The Kestrel 15:35 21 Nov 2006

Amazon do send deliveries to an address other than the billing address. I do it regularly, having packages deliverd to my school address where I work. As marjted says, you can specify a delivery address by going to your account, after logging in, and editing your details.

  p;3 20:15 21 Nov 2006

some progress on this little gem of a beastie; the store who will be converting it have agreed to direct link to the amazon site to take it direct; so hopefully some further steps done

  p;3 00:46 22 Nov 2006

unfortunately I have discovered that the amazon site seems to have a rogue pop up on it that has affected my pc; so I suspect I will not be revisiting that site

  FatboySlim71 10:13 22 Nov 2006

I have shopped with Amazon for a few years and I have NEVER had the "rogue pop up" that you described. You can definately have an item shipped to an alternative address as I done so on saturday.

  p;3 20:40 24 Nov 2006

I am marking this as resolved although I have taken a different route to resolve it in that the company who will convert the video are obtaining it direct from amazon for me

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