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  Bald Eagle 20:28 16 Dec 2008

Does anyone take any notice of buyers reviews when buying stuff either on or off the internet? I ask because recently Argos who I use quite frequently now have a review page for their products. I have written them myself but some contributions are farcical to say the least! One for a kettle says it is too noisy! Your pumping 2 to 3 kw of energy into about 1.5 litres of water, it's bound to be noisy! Same kettle different reviewer, it doesn't boil hot enough!!! In my school days 100 celsius was max.

I bought a portable DVD player with reviews ranging from poor sound to near CD quality. Poor picture to very good. Fiddly controls to excellent even for a stubby fingered user! In the end I did it on price.


  canarieslover 20:43 16 Dec 2008

The problem is that everybody has their own requirements. One mans perfection is anothers nightmare. I rip music for myself at 320kbps as that is what I still find as acceptable to listen to. My son is quite happy to listen to music at 64kbps and can't understand my grimaces if I listen to his music. Reviews are subjective and to be fair buyer reviews tend to be only the very happy or the extremely unhappy. All the 'just satisfied' never seem to bother reviewing. A large pinch of salt is required when reading them!! By the way did you submit a review on the DVD player??

  oresome 20:50 16 Dec 2008

I read buyer reviews and find them useful providing there's sufficient number to get an overall view.

As regards noisy kettles, our latest kettle is much noisier than previous ones, although faster to boil. The noise is caused by the trapped air in the water exploding well before the water reaches boiling point.

  natdoor 21:09 16 Dec 2008

It depends on pressure.

  spuds 21:17 16 Dec 2008

Like all reviews, it depends on the reviewer's preferences.

Only this evening I have been Googling for some printer recommendations and reviews, and after reading some of the comments given by others, I am still very confused :O(

  Bald Eagle 05:41 17 Dec 2008

canarieslover I haven't done a review on the DVD because it's a present for our grandson. I've had it out of the box to check that the battery charges and that the machine works and that's all.

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