Buyer Beware in Spades!

  dewskit 17:36 22 Oct 2005

Just seen the following in the online Hong Kong Standard Newspaper:

Fake electronic goods seized

Customs officers seized HK$200,000 worth of counterfeit electronic goods which were to be sold through an auction Web site in Britain.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Customs officers seized HK$200,000 worth of counterfeit electronic goods which were to be sold through an auction Web site in Britain.
The case is the biggest of its kind so far this year. Officers said a Hong Kong man sold fake items such as video camera batteries, chargers and memory chips at one third of their original price through eBay's British Web site.

Customs and Excise Department divisional commander Samson Chiu said they are stepping up efforts to stamp out such illegal activities.

Anti-Internet Piracy Team officers mounted an operation in North Point Thursday and seized 1,500 counterfeit electronic products, including video camera batteries, battery chargers, memory cards and other accessories, worth about HK$200,000.

The suspect, 26, has been allowed bail pending further investigation.

Chiu said the raid followed a complaint from trademark owners that counterfeit video camera batteries were sold via a popular Internet auction site.

  Diemmess 18:27 22 Oct 2005

Manufacturers with a reputation and business to protect have every right to hammer these thieves.

As always there is a grey area..... My son over 20 years ago took his bride for a holiday in Oz.

During a stop-over in Hong Kong he bought a "Rolex" as a prezzie for me. No one was deceived. It came in a small polythene bag from a backstreet spiv who had to disappear to get it.
It cost Jim equivalent of £15 not £3000. Soon lost its 'gold! plate, but looked good and kept very good time for about 18 years and several batteries. I can't think Rolex was troubled!

  spuds 19:59 22 Oct 2005

Better have another look at my recent Hong Kong buys via Ebay.They look okay so far, but they were very reasonable in price.

Diemmess-- When I lived in SE Asia, I remember the thieves market very well.Always paid to double check, whether the dealing price was HK$ or US$.Many a good tourist lost money that way.

  Forum Editor 00:49 23 Oct 2005

In Hong Kong the Police are fairly well on the ball as far as counterfeiting is concerned, and you'll not see the really good watch copies on open sale.

Thailand is a very different matter though, and I've seen gold Rolex watches on sale for £7. They come complete with a Rolex box, numbered certificate of authenticity, and have the authentic sweep second hand. The attention to detail is incredible, and I can well understand why Rolex, and companies like them are very concerned - these watches will keep perfect time for several years.

I've bought cameras in Hong Kong on several occasions, and I've always gone to great lengths to verify their authenticity. Modern technologies mean that it's possible to make extremely high quality fakes.

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