To buy or not to buy Advent laptop??

  tigerb 18:07 05 Jan 2006

My son as just ordered an Advent 7083 amd turion64 ml-30 1.6ghz laptop from pc world for £550 and is picking it up tommorrow (last one on merseyside!) as any one had experience (good or bad)of this or similar models from Advent or can he get better value elsewhere

  wee eddie 18:29 05 Jan 2006

It has run, without problem, since I bought it.

It will be argued that you can get better value etc, elsewhere.

However the choice is endless and he could spend a lifetime trying to make his decision, so if it does what he wants. Go for it.

  Cheester 10:35 16 Jan 2006

I bought the laptop roughly at about the same time for the same price, works quite well

dont think i saw a similar specced laptop for that price

  Forum Editor 12:12 16 Jan 2006

I have acquired lots of Advent laptops for clients in the course of my business, and so far not one of them has given any trouble. wee eddie's final paragraph makes excellent sense.

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