Buy now or wait for Windows Vista

  Thanaset 19:28 21 Jul 2006


I am thinking about getting a Dell 5150 (2.8GHz, 1024MB RAM, 250 GB, and 19" TFT) currently selling at around £550. My friend told me that I should wait for Windows Vista, as it is expected to be much better than the XP. Being a computer novice and feeling that Dell is now offering quite a good deal, should I get it now or wait? Thank you very much.


  jamescrocket 19:53 21 Jul 2006

I would go for XP, it's tried & tested, yes it does have some flaws in it, but all microsoft products do!

As for Vista when it comes out in true form i'm sure it will have as many bugs as a wildlife programe in it. If your a computer novice then i would advise you to stay clear of it for the time being.

You can always buy a copy of it in 18/24 months time if you want to.

  Al94 20:33 21 Jul 2006

Buy now!

  freaky 20:34 21 Jul 2006

Buy the PC now and enjoy yourself. Vista will not be available until 2007, wait until it's been out a while, then you can upgrade XP to Vista if you want to.

If you are a computer novice, then visit this Forum often and you will learn a lot.

Good luck with your new PC.

  Jackcoms 20:37 21 Jul 2006

This may be of interest click here

  spuds 20:42 21 Jul 2006

Depends on how desperate you are for a new computer. I would not think that pre-installed Vista will be available for another twelve month, if then. Microsoft have released another upgrade from beta 2 for testing.

Buy now, but consider that in twelve months time, you may possibly have a better specification computer for the same or less price.

The choice is your's at the end of the day.

  Thanaset 20:51 21 Jul 2006

However, I still have one more question. I checked the website and saw that the 3100 is around £50 less with almost similar spec, except that the processor is not dual core and that the graphic card is the integrated one (as opposed to ATI 128MB offered in 5150).

I am not a serious gamer, though I sometimes do play games. Should I spend an extra £50? Thank you once again.

  Jimmy14 21:00 21 Jul 2006

I would definitely keep the 5150 and have a dual core processor plus the 128 ATI graphics for £50. Go for it

  SG Atlantis® 21:01 21 Jul 2006

yes spend it.

More scope for upgrading when you have a graphics card slot. Steer clear off integrated when you can....

  gudgulf 21:08 21 Jul 2006

As Jimmy14 says......steer clear of the 3100 click here

Take a close look at the does not have a PCI-e x16 slot on the motherboard.

That means no graphics upgrade over the onboard graphics.

Even occasional game playing needs more than the Intel integrated graphics!

  anskyber 13:58 22 Jul 2006

click here You will see a MS program to test any PC for future Vista capabilty. The real point is that for Aero to work a good graphics card will be needed.

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