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  julia23 22:14 01 Jul 2008

Hi all,

I am thinking of purchasing a new car, Astra Estate 1.6 Life model, online from the Vauxhall website. The saving is just under 10%. I also saw a link on Google which led me to WhatCar magazine online and then in turn to a site called This site offers a saving of over 22% for the same car.

Here's the link:
click here;jsessionid=15FB2A0D1401C48C4F8CCAD14E0386AE

I was wondering if anyone from the PCA forums had used this firm or knew anything of them. It seems a little too good to be true.

Thanks, Julia.

  spuds 22:38 01 Jul 2008

I did a small Google search using, and a number of reviews came up, here's one click here

Looking at one or two other comments and reviews, it would appear that some people suggests that a little negotiating with a main dealer, could bring similar discounts!.

  spuds 22:43 01 Jul 2008

Something appears to be wrong with the link. Just put in Google, when page opens select link.

  julia23 22:48 01 Jul 2008

Thanks for that, I'll have a look later tonight.


  birdface 09:15 02 Jul 2008

Always shop around for the best deal.And don't part with any cash until you go and collect it.

  birdface 09:28 02 Jul 2008

It doesn't say anything about paying cash for it.Do they only do HP if so 11.01% interest rate is a bit high you could get a loan out of the bank for about 6% well it used to be about that.

  birdface 10:46 02 Jul 2008

Your click here also leaves a tracking cookie on your computer.When you have finished using the site remember to remove it.Your security programs should find it and remove it if you want.

  dms_05 13:54 02 Jul 2008

I've just bought a new Honda Jazz. I looked at various options including the one via What Car. In the end the local Honda dealership offered an almost identical price to the one from the cheapest on-line source and threw in a deal whereby I paid 50% now and the other 50% in 12 months at 0% interest. Try a few local dealerships and negotiate hard - which involves saying 'no' until they offer a price you like.

  roy 14:31 02 Jul 2008

Does this compare? click here


  xania 15:54 02 Jul 2008

click here

Have not actually move on this yet, but all such sites worth comparing for the best proce - both buying and selling.

  Stuartli 20:59 02 Jul 2008

What Car? publishes the discounted price you can expect to achieve with a little effort - it's a target that's well worth aiming to match.

Also see:

click here

HonestJohn, who is a columnist with the Daily Telegraph as well as running his own website, is an experienced operator in the world of buying and selling cars. See:

click here

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