Buy Custom PC base unit computer or build one?

  lennon0910 17:47 04 Feb 2009

Building your own PC is OK if you have some knowledge of computers, but honestly you really shouldn't mess unless u know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise it could be an expensive experiment! It also pays to be very careful with online PC customization companies as they are often a rip-off when you actually receive the PC, and then they don't wanna know when you have problems! Many also promise things that you just don't get... like 8gb ram on lower end priced systems?! not even possible... some only support 2gb max but most offer 4gb.

Now I go through gaming PC's like nobody's business and personally i have 2 recommendations for you. The first of which would be a UK based company called Purely PC click here. These guys don't have a on-page system designer as yet but i bought a gaming pc off them just after Christmas and to be fair its worth every penny. They were helpful through every step of the process and best of all it was pretty cheap... The members of their team are always happy 2 chat and i often now play online games with them since they are all gamers. They also offer a free upgrade to unique case with some of their gaming ranges which is worth a look.

Secondly i recommend a company called Ginger6 click here. Bought my one before last gaming machine from them and these guys were also very helpful. Price was a little higher but i was pleased for the 8 months i had it and never had any problems.

I have found the aforementioned to be very reputable and reliable and share this advice with the general public to inform, not to promote. I have had many bad experiences with custom PC companies so just take the time to research a company and read some reviews on them...

  I am Spartacus 20:05 04 Feb 2009

Have you actually done a price comparison for Purely PC with somewhere like Novatech for example, they must be taking the mickey with those prices?

e.g. Core i7 at:

Mickeytakers aka PPC = £281
Novatech = £268

Gainward ATI Radeon HD 4850 "Golden Sample" 1GB

Mickeytakers aka PPC= £205
Novatech = £149


  citadel 21:15 04 Feb 2009

modern pc's are easy to build. everythings user friendly.

  lennon0910 23:51 04 Feb 2009

Firstly the comparison for the system for purely pc and novatech the difference was £20 and as i stated, purely pc arnt as cheap as others, but as far as im concerned the level of aftercare and support provided to me was second to none... well worth the extra £20.

with regards to the graphics card, you are only comparing 2 companies. It is kind of a biased approach to looking at it, im sure if u compared all some would be more expensive and ultimately yes some would be cheaper.

Its like saying why go into a retailer and pay an extra £40 for a graphics card when you can buy it online cheaper? simply because of the after care and custom support provided that you dont get with mail order. I just feel that i would rather pay extra to deal with a place that i know and trust.

  Rigga 08:43 05 Feb 2009

I'm sorry but I would not buy from any company that used hotmail as their support email, and also only had a mobile number as a form of contact.


  jack 09:29 05 Feb 2009

Go buy and Ad Space PCA needs the money

  MCE2K5 22:41 05 Feb 2009

I have to agree he's a spammer, See this click here Last post.

  Si_L 22:53 05 Feb 2009

click here

Another of his PurelyPC promotion posts

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