Bullguard Best Security software?

  scott26985 17:04 19 Apr 2007

Best Security software?

I have a 60 trial of Bullguard software that runs out in 2 days. I have to pay £35 to then take it for a year. Is that the best software to go with or is there a better one for about the same money? Bullguard seems to be ok. I haven’t had any virus I’m aware of all those I don’t think the scan finds everything. (ps I have Vista).


  scott26985 17:06 19 Apr 2007

ps) Bullguard has Antivirus, Support, Backup, Spamfilter, Antispyware, Firewall

  lulubelle 18:27 19 Apr 2007

Hi scott26985,
I used to have Bullguard, but found it very heavy on resources, I have since tried McAfee and AVG. At the moment I am using Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 6. (KIS). I got it from Computer Shopper, with 6 months free updates, and I must say that, so far it is the best I have tried, and I will definitely renew the subsciption when this one runs out. It always rates very high in any comparison of security suites, and it is also very light on resources. I think the edition of Computer Shopper is still on sale, if not you can always get a month's free trial from Kaspersky. Youv'e nothing to lose by giving it a go.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:59 19 Apr 2007

Use AVG free click here, spyware terminator click here and any old free firewall click here. They all update automatically and cost nothing. There is no need for a home user to pay anything for excellent security.


  tammer 21:48 19 Apr 2007

...couple of years and I've found it to be very good.

If it's been fine for you then when not stay with it? There are cheaper deals but I've never been infected by a virus, despite some adventurous surfing and gaming, so I'm going to keep with them myself.

  Pine Man 13:50 20 Apr 2007

I am a first time user with Bullguard.

I have used most of the others including freebies, Norton and more recently Tesco.

In 25 years of computing I have never, ever had a virus so cannot comment on individual successes or otherwise BUT Bullguard has had the least effect on my system resources (Vista boots in 40 seconds)and they are the easiest people to contact for help. I have never had to wait more than a day or so for a response to my emails.

If the trial is working for you stick with it!

  scott26985 15:39 20 Apr 2007

I have switched to Kaspersky as the trail is over. I have a 30 days trail of Kaspersky and so far I would say its too strong. Its stopping me from opening my hotmail via MSN. I've turned off the firewall and switched on the Windows one but it doesn't help. I think what I will do is run Kaspersky for the 30 days and then just buy Bullguard.

  lulubelle 17:33 20 Apr 2007

Hi scott26985
Sorry you are having problems with Kaspersky, why don't you try posting on their forums?...... click here You should not be having any problems with hotmail, maybe someone on the forums could help you out. It could just be a case of changing some settings.

  sunny staines 17:45 20 Apr 2007

not got it but it gets good write ups in the mags.

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