Bullgard and its FakeAlert.5 virus

  Tel_rob 17:42 21 Mar 2010

Hi all,
Yesterday at around 5pm my Bullgard antivirus detected a virus and froze my new (2 months old)computer. The AV continued to detect hundreds of viruses on my PC and was removing them to quarantine. When I looked at the files they looked like windows files, dll's, .exe and installers.

As the computer was frozen, I rebooted it and windows 7 would not start. I then had a 10 hour battle to recover the computer from this crash.

It turned out that Bullgard released an update yesterday which treated Windows files (win 7, 64 bit) like viruses and started to delete them. So the antivirus started to attack the system it was ment to protect like an antoimmune disease.

How on earth could this have happened? Apparently loads of people have had this problem yesterday (see bullgard web site forum).

Did they actually test the update before releasing it?

The "virus" has caused me a lot of stress and my new PC is no longer stable, it seems to boot and shut down slowly and I am still discovering missing files.

I am very angry with Bullgard!

You have been warned!

  anniesboy 20:28 21 Mar 2010

I guess I was/am lucky ,as my laptop running Win7 64 bit,is not effected.
Bullguard have just put this on their site

click here

  octal 22:11 21 Mar 2010

WOW, what a boo boo.

I notice that they are offering an extra 12 months subscription as compensation, erm, not sure about that one.

  anniesboy 17:52 22 Mar 2010

I believe that the problem started with this.
click here

  ronalddonald 19:43 22 Mar 2010

think i go back to Linux as microsoft cant get anything right or can they, yet im still using xp home and i was really temed to go over to windows 7 but now im even more reluctant

  Tel_rob 17:55 23 Mar 2010

Well I have tried various fixes suggested by Bullguard and I still have a slow booting/shutting down PC.

It looks like I will have to do a clean install of windows 7 plus other programs.

They have offered me an extension to my subscription, however when I re-install windows I am going to put Nortons on. I will then ask for a refund from Bullgard.

Out of interest, the way Bullguard/BitDefenders FakeAlert.5 attacked the PC was very efficient and distructive, is this one of the best viruses around these days?

  ajm 08:19 24 Mar 2010

BitDefender, who make an internet security product, have recently released a faulty update that marks legitimate Windows and BitDefender files as malicious. BitDefender will then quarantine these files identifying them as “Trojan.FakeAlert.5? resulting in Windows becoming un-bootable.

This faulty update only effects the 64-bit versions of Windows and BitDefender had to have updated itself between the times of 8am and 11:30am on the 20th of March. BitDefender have released a press release containing fixes for the various versions

click here

click here

  pjwheeldon 13:54 24 Mar 2010

Its a bit of a leap to suggest that a defective update released by a software firm is evidence of "Microsoft not getting anything right".

  Tel_rob 18:34 24 Mar 2010

It would seem that not many people know that bullguard customers were also effected by the FakeAlert.5 virus. Not even PC advisor has mentioned it. Everyone only mentions Bitdefender!

From what I understand, Bullgard gets the virus updates from bitdefender, and then BullGuard passes it on to their customers.

So why did Bullgard not test the update before passing it on?

I hope that if Bitdefender customers are offered refunds, Bullgard customers should also be given the offer.

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