Bulldog fails to bark

  Kate B 12:53 04 Feb 2005

Waaah! Having signed up with Bulldog for 4MB broadband I was all set to go ahead with my migration from Pipex.

Then I got an email from Bulldog saying there were problems with processing the order ... and having phoned them, they can't tell me when they're going to be able to connect me up.

So reluctantly I've decided to stay with Pipex, which is looking increasingly uncompetitive with its charges for half a meg. But I've found out too late to migrate to another ISP so I'm stuck with Pipex unless I'm prepared to be without bb for goodness knows how long.


  TOPCAT® 14:29 04 Feb 2005

for the same reason, but I'm going to inform them first of my intentions in the hope they will upgrade me at a more competitive price. Been with them for a long time now and have been quite pleased with their service.

Hopefully, they just might want to hold on to my account. Wish me luck! :o) TC.

  Kate B 16:00 04 Feb 2005

That's precisely the kind of conversation I intend to have with them, TC! I've emailed them saying please don't cancel my account after all, but pointed out that I'm only staying with them because it's too late to migrate anywhere else before my contract runs out - let's hope they take that on board ...

  david.h 18:22 04 Feb 2005

after reading your earlier mail, i signed up, got a date for migration for 9/2/05 they first of all said 4-6 weeks but the date is just 2 half weeks.

they told me they would deal with my pipex migration and no need to contact them. i emailed pipex today to cofirm the date out of politness only to find they have no knowledge,i rang bulldog that now say all they do is pull the plug on pipex when they take over the line which i thought was not very polite.

bulldog have confirmed a 4meg line which is good for surrey.

  david.h 18:24 04 Feb 2005

how did you get on with contacting pipex

  Kate B 18:43 04 Feb 2005

To be fair, I think it's an issue at my exchange, according to Bulldog.

david.h, Pipex hasn't come back to me yet ... I got the runaround when I rang custome support to say please cancel my cancellation, ended up in India and was told to email.

I have this horrible feeling I might end up with NO bb ...!!!

  david.h 19:03 04 Feb 2005

i have just emailed pipex to inform them of the cancellation hope they do not get awkward about short notice.

  ensonricky 10:00 05 Feb 2005

After 3 years of reliable service from Pipex I have decided to move to another provider. This is for the reasons stated by others, a half meg service at 1 meg rates. I get the impression and I have emailed Pipex to this effect that they do not seem to be interested in competing in the residential market.
I asked for my contract to be terminated in June at the end of my yearly contract to give me time to arrange another service and avoid any cancellation fees. About a wee later Ireceived an email from Pipex saying my service was being cancelled from the begining of March! Pipex guarantee to answer queries within one working day but my response to the advanced cancellation date has not received a reply after more than a week.
The current situation has made me more determined than ever to migrate away from Pipex.

  mitey_won 11:28 05 Feb 2005

pipex require 1 months notice to cancel and operate on that basis. why on earth are you emailing them about your future intentions? given that they deal with thousands and thousands of customers (of which i am one) then its not a surprise that they processed it as a standard cancellation request and are terminating your account early. Looks like you brought that upon yourself.

  ensonricky 12:01 05 Feb 2005

I think youmay have missed the point. I was giving the company an opportunity to retain a loyal member by offering a possible upgrade. If you request and clearly state a termination date you expect this to be honoured or if this is not possible then to be informed of this.

If you asked your bank to close your account in three months time you would not expect them to do so in one with no consultation and then not to reply to an enquiry over the matter within their stipulated timescale.

Losing a broadband connection for a while does not fill me with horror as there are many more important things in my life but the inability to adhere to a simple request does disappoint and may provide a useful lesson to others.

  david.h 12:28 05 Feb 2005

i found pipex a good service [not heard back yet re my cancellation so that may change] but they are no longer competitve price wise.

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