Bulldog BB.

  PUNKA 11:07 25 May 2005

£10.50 per month 4MEG !! until end of the month !!


  pepe 12:33 25 May 2005

But for only 8hrs per month online.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:58 25 May 2005

Unless you are a VERY light user it will quickly become expensive with additional hours charged at £1.50 per hour. See click here

  anchor 09:37 26 May 2005

Also, the price increases to £15.50/month after 6 months. The "free" allowance of 8 hrs/month is only 16 minutes/day!.

Their unlimited 4Mb is £19.95/month for the first 6 months, £29.50/month thereafter.

  TOPCAT® 10:33 26 May 2005

And you have to be a subscriber to their telephone service too, according to a newspaper ad. TC.

  igk 22:10 26 May 2005

I would be very wary of any isp that promises anything over 2mb as "most" BT telephone lines at present are not capable of hyped up claims.

  johnnyrocker 00:04 27 May 2005

i am sorry but you have that very wrong i am with an isp in london (might be different wherever you are) but i have a 4 meg connection and happily can check speeds at between 3.9 and 4.2 meg using any reliable line speed check site.


  jimmybond 01:41 27 May 2005

hence the word 'most', and not 'all'. Most people don't earn £1million a year - just cos Alan Sugar come online and says he does don't make the statement wrong :-)

  sunny staines 17:39 27 May 2005

llu broadband as johnnyrocker has is quickly spreading across the main towns of the uk making 4meg-8meg available to many homes outside london.

rural area's and smaller towns are still stuck with the slower 1meg broadband lines.

click here

above link from adslguide re llu

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