building your own pc based web server?

  jake williamson 09:58 06 Aug 2003


this is ot but thought this would be a good place to start!

we've been looking into the feasibility of building our own pc for web
serving in our office.

we don't need a beefy graphics based machine but we also don't need a high
end all singing all dancing web server.

thing is, where to start! i come from a mac background, where the choice has
always been minimal - with pc's, the skys the limit! started using pc's
around a year ago so i know a bit but not much...

has anyone done this? are there any good sites? be really good to hear



  MichelleC 12:33 06 Aug 2003

.. but at least Macs don't have as many conflicts.

Best os is w2k for your needs, on formatted hd/s. Not sure about hardware.

  jake williamson 12:40 06 Aug 2003

thats my concern! normally with mac's (in terms of hardware) it works or it dont. scsi used to be a pain but firewire and usb are real easy...

from what i've read, with pc's it's things like certain motherboards wont work with certain pci cards, ram, drives, applications... then the drivers conflict... darn it!

i've only bought dell's in the past and had no real problems - guess they do all the compatibility checks before it gets shipped?



  zoomer 12:51 06 Aug 2003

why not Apache on Linux? and very very good

  jake williamson 13:09 06 Aug 2003

hi zoomer,

we already have a mac running os x doing php and mysql web serving.

the pc's so we can do asp and access and maybe sql server in the future.
tried redhat (before x came out) and was impressed - first time i'd really played with anything like that and it was really cool!

thanks for the response,


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