Building a PC...advice wanted

  greenfeld69 14:56 09 Mar 2005

Hi all

I'm going to have something in the region of £700 worth of vouchers for PC World and need advice on what components to get.

I already have a 450W Thermaltake Butterfly PSU; 512Mb DDR 400 PC3200 RAM; HDD; 5.1 surround sound card; Radeon Pro 9800.

Of course, I'm limited by what PC World sells (I have their vouchers 'cause my old PC from them died).

I guess I need a case, processor, MB and processor fan.

What else do I need and what would you advise, bearing in mind my budget?

Thanks in advance,


  spuds 16:25 09 Mar 2005

The problem that you have, is the high cost of PC World components. Some items can be as much a third or half price, if you make a comparison with the likes of eBuyer.

Personally I would purchase another computer from PC World, at least it will have a full twelve months warranty,XP installed and it should work straight out of the box.

  961 19:29 09 Mar 2005

If you have £700 of vouchers, buy an Advent

  ZnO 20:41 09 Mar 2005
  greenfeld69 08:49 10 Mar 2005

The PC that just died was an Advent, very unimpressed. When the motherboard died it took FOUR WEEKS to get a replacement. I could have sourced the same hardware in 30 secs on Ebay.

Are Advent highly rated?

  961 09:04 10 Mar 2005

How old was it? I guess the fact that you have vouchers indicate you were one of the unfortunates who got a Friday computer. All makes sell them. If that's the case you'll probably not buy another of the same make even though Advents are pretty well rated. The same cannot always be said for service at PCWorld, as your four week wait indicates.We've had half a dozen Advents over the years. Some are still working after 6/7 years, some have had the bits used to build new, and some were simply too old and were ditched. None gave trouble in service or had hardware failures

However, starting from where you are you need to start by picking the processor and motherboard. These need to be selected to use the RAM you already have and the motherboard must be selected to take the graphics card. Detailed specs on the various manufacturers will help

Buy an up to date motherboard configuration. AMD boards are available in several processor pin configs just now. Buy 939 pin board if poss

click here provides lots of info

Just looked at the PC World Website and for an agp and socket 939 cpu and mobo combo you can get:

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
2.2GHz 512kb Cache 939pin Processor-£160.30
Abit AV8-£62.91

thats NOT including VAT.

Not sure if the processor would come with a standard CPU fan already or not. So you may not need to buy a CPU fan seperately.

You don't mention wether you need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, floppy drive or optical drive etc.

For a case I would choose one that matches your monitor and keyboard and has at least 1 12cm fan or 2 8cm and preferrably without a PSU as you already have a good one.

  greenfeld69 13:13 10 Mar 2005

How does that AMD chip compare to, say, a P4 3Ghz? Better/worse?

I need a DVD drive, maybe a writer too. I have monitor, etc. an am happy with them all.

Depends what you want to do with it really. I believe that AMD rate their processors on how they perform against Pentiums. So the AMD64 3500 would perform as good as a pentium4 3.5 GHZ. I could be wrong. AMD's tend to be better for gaming and better value for money if that helps.

What are u using the pc for?

  greenfeld69 13:48 10 Mar 2005

Gaming, surfing and web design.

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