Building a New Computer - List of the Best Sites

  Orpheus22 15:21 20 Sep 2008


So i have been lurking on here for about a week now, and am really impressed with the advise given out by people. I am looking to build a new computer in the next few weeks. I'm a car designer and as such need a powerful CPU and graphics card (I was looking at a Q9550 and GTX280 1Gb).

Anyway i thought it might be useful for myself and others to have a definitive list of the good and bad sites on the tinterweb, chosen as a result of peoples (the majorities) experiences. And if anyone has any advice for myself that would be great (I have been looking at Cougar Extreme - my only reservation is the lack of a heatsink option).

Thanks to everyone and I hope this is a good idea.

Good Sites;

Cougar Extreme
PC Specialist
Arbico Computers
PC Option

Bad Sites;

Computer Planet

  I am Spartacus 15:30 20 Sep 2008

I think you may get the tiniest hint of disagreement for listing PC Option in the 'good' sites click here

  I am Spartacus 15:33 20 Sep 2008

My suggestions for good sites would be and in no particular order:

Amazon (but not from the Pixmania shop)
Dabs for good prices but not if you want a long delay for RMAs

  Orpheus22 15:49 20 Sep 2008

I dont rate Dabs too highly at all nowadays. My GF had terrible trouble with them and they have no aftersales support to speak of. After reading that post PC Option should be put in the bad site section.

Amazon? Really?

Any advice as to where i buy mine? Im on a budget of just over £1000.

So the standing is as follows atm, sites in no order.

Good Sites;

Cougar Extreme
PC Specialist
Arbico Computers

Bad Sites;

Computer Planet
PC Option

But are all these sites recommended for their price on individual parts or on custom pc configurations?

  I am Spartacus 15:55 20 Sep 2008

If you're getting someone to build it, then based on the many excellent reviews they get here, I would go to Cougar Extreme.

  Orpheus22 16:01 20 Sep 2008

Like i mentioned previous, my only single gripe with Cougar was that you dont get the option of adding an aftermarket heatsink. I dont know how hard they are to fit, and would it fit in my case?

Its such a shame that Computer Planet are so crap as their prices are mental!

  I am Spartacus 16:03 20 Sep 2008

I'm sure if you emailed them they'd agree to putting a decent heatsink and fan on. Worth asking anyway.

Some heatsinks require motherboard removal to fit a backing plate.

  Orpheus22 16:20 20 Sep 2008

I have sent them an email asking their opinion. Im sure i could fit one, i do have some computer building experience, as does my GF, but at the moment i just dont have the time to do it, although if it worked out better to buy the bulk of the system premade and fit some extras myself then that would be doable.

I was getting the system with intentions of upgrading it when im earning enough. Sticking in some more ram, sli the graphics (GTX280) and new PSU if needed.

  citadel 16:27 20 Sep 2008

at cyberpower you get a good choice of cases, coolers, psu's.

  Joe R 17:54 20 Sep 2008

Another few to add maybe, Chillblast click here Scan click here and CCL click here

  Orpheus22 19:58 21 Sep 2008

So i have come to the conclusion that none of the sites can provide EXACTLY what i want. They are all very good (the ones in the good list anyway) but unfortunatly i think im going to bite the bullet and build my pc myself. I am going to order all of the parts from Novatech who i have found to be very competitive on pricing. The only thing i have yet to decide on is a case.

If anyone has any ideas of cases or places to buy computer cases any suggestions would be great.

I was looking at a Raidmax Aztec or Sagitta 2 but i cant find a retailer anywhere. Certainly not in the colours i want.


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