Building a cheap PC for £100

  VNAM75 13:12 24 Apr 2010

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Which of these 2 AMD bundles is best? The first one, an X2 7550 is a dual core 2.5ghz and the 2nd is a X2 6000 3.0ghz. The 2.5ghz does not come with any ram but if I bought 1gb for it both will be about £105 each. I assume the 3.0ghz system is better? I will be fitting graphics cards, HD's etc from an exisitng machine.

If I were to transfer my old hard drive which has xp pro loaded on to a new motherboard will it detect it automatically or will I have to reinstall from scratch?

  961 13:53 24 Apr 2010

Without trawling through all the ups and downs of these bundles I'd go for the 7550 system

You'll probably have to install XP from scratch

  interzone55 22:17 24 Apr 2010

If the copy of XP on your current drive is an OEM edition, ie came pre-installed on a PC, then it's unlikely to work on the new motherboard as it will be tied to the old motherboard...

  VNAM75 01:57 25 Apr 2010

Thanks, I will do a fresh install I think. 961, why is the 7550 system better if its only a 2.5ghz compared to a 3.0ghx for the 6000, unless it is superior in another way?

  961 09:18 25 Apr 2010
  VNAM75 09:30 25 Apr 2010

961, the X2 6000 cpu appear in those benchmarks and it does quite well but the 7550 doesn't feature so I assume you were recommnending the 3.0ghz cpu?

  961 10:11 25 Apr 2010

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Here's a review which includes both alongside some Intel alternatives. As you see it depends to some extent on what you sort of work you want the computer to do and, to be honest, there's not a lot to choose between them except for one thing

You'll see you need a hefty power supply for some of these cpu jobs. If you are re-using an existing case and PSU you need to factor this into account especially if you are planning on a hungry graphics card on top

The first desktop I built had, if my memory serves me right, a 250 watt psu and that was the standard sort of thing in those days. Now 750 watts is by no means uncommon so it may be worth considering a new psu when you buy the cpu bundle

  VNAM75 11:07 25 Apr 2010

Thanks for that, I may go for the 6000 X2 since it has lower power consumption. I have a 5 year old Tagan 500w psu used in my current amd 3800 which should be enough.

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