Build Your Own PC -Any Good?

  holly polly 21:20 22 Aug 2003

hi new to the process of building comps but fancy having a go,was thinking of purchasing the 3 files for sale on here,anybody bought thhem and if so any good?

  hodder 22:55 22 Aug 2003

Hi there,
I built my own computer from advice gleaned on this site. All the members were really helpful and supportive!
I haven't read the files, but here's a question, do you already subscribe to the magazine? If not save yourself some money on the monthly magazine by subscribing online or by phone or post, and choose the PC Advisor Issue Archive CD as a freebie! This way you get the How to Build Your Own PC (2001 version) aswell.

Regards, Bob.

  hodder 23:00 22 Aug 2003

Also should have said, you also get with this CD,
the back archive of 2000, 2001 and 2002, COOL!
Regards, Bob.

  Barrie_G 13:03 23 Aug 2003

Plenty of guides on the net if you click here you'll find one to get you started.

  kakasnarta 15:00 23 Aug 2003

All i can say on building your own computer is go for it,after getting used to comps by using my laptop,i wanted to have a go at building my own ,with my spec etc.At first it might seem a big step ,but after buying a good build your own pc book and buying all the parts from computer fairs etc you should have no probs as long as you follow all the steps and dont rush.When i first switched mine on i thought somethings bound to go wrong or not work right, wrong perfect from day one ,no probs,go for it you wont regret it.

  misery 17:22 23 Aug 2003

there's really no problem and, you do get what you want and not what companies want to sell. The big plus is you do learn a great deal and get a great deal.

  holly polly 17:37 23 Aug 2003

many thanks for all the postings ,much appreciated -just downloaded the articles-build your own pc parts 1-3 ,and it looks like money well spent very comprensive ,attended a comp fair today, to upgrade my comp to a amd xp 1800 +new mobo +heatsink and fan +maxtor80 gig hard drive 7200 rpm 2mb cache all this for £150.00 is this reasonable the mobo was a gigabyte which suppored sd and ddr ram as i have 512 mb of sd ram in here on three sticks i have to get a mobo with 3 memory slots ,most of the new mobos only have 2 of each either sd or ddr can anybody else reccomend a suitable mobo that supports ata133 sd or ddr ram and at least 3 mem slots,if this isnt the correct place will start new thread cheers -hol pol...

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