'Buggs'-Bugg Me Out

  Greenmachine 22:44 28 Jul 2004

I was looking round the web today and came across the estimated number of buggs(virus,trojains and so on) and i discovered that there is at least 60,000 computer virus in the world. Although there is only a very small fraction that actually infect lots of pc ('are in the wild') most are held in private pcs. I was wondering what is being done about the viruses and it is such a wide spread problem why isn't it one of the most important things on goverment aggendas.
Question: What is being done and how effivective is it??

  Gaz 25 23:05 28 Jul 2004

Well, the government can't do much I'm afriad - there is already laws against it.

There are to date over 98,0000 viruses, however not all are In The Wild anymore.

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  gudgulf 23:12 28 Jul 2004

The answer is that there are lots of anti virus applications available,not to mention firewalls and many other forms of protection to combat these threats.The software that you buy is constantly being updated to help protect against the latest threats.....the problem is that a large proportion of people are ether oblivious to or couldn't care less about updating their software or security issues in general.Fact is unless computer users are both educated about security threats and prepared to implement that knowlege there will always be opertunities for the ne-er do wells who populate the dark side of the web.

What to do about it...well that one has me completely stumped!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:25 28 Jul 2004

An AV, two spyware progs, a LITTLE knowledge, lay off the Pr0n sites and you need not worry about any 'bugs'. The whole thing is taking on epic proportions.


  Forum Editor 23:36 28 Jul 2004

is usually the health, wealth, and security of the nation. Computer viruses, admittedly a problem, tend to come a long way down the list.

Governments can't do anything to stop people writing and releasing viruses, any more than they can stop people stealing, raping, murdering, and breaking the sapling that the council has planted outside my house four times now. Computer viruses will be with us for the forseeable future but thankfully there's always something you can do about them - it's a personal responsibility this, you can't look to the government to cure all the world's evils.

  Greenmachine 12:27 29 Jul 2004

I know but virus cost the average small business about £40 a year from downtime and other virus relate things and it is estimated that it cost the u.k billions of pounds a year. but i was interested to see what they can actually do about it and i would imagen most goverment imployees are computer illiterate apart from basic word applications (my mum is of them) and can seriously be done about hacking because anyone of use could become a hatcher because there are thousands of sites decated to getting people started, which is quite worrying.

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