Buffering when on I Players

  roxie555 10:14 11 Aug 2014

Does anyone know if I Players are prone to buffering even if there is a strong wireless signal?

  john bunyan 18:01 11 Aug 2014


I have found that with only 3 or more mbps I get no iplayer buffering. My router / ISP normal speed is about 6- 7mbps with no problems. However I bought a new LG Smart TV, and set it up with a wireless connection. In the same room where I got 7mbps on a iPad the TV only showed 0.8 mbps and buffered constantly. I solved it in the end by either using the iPad connected to the TV with an HDMI lead, than bought a pair of homeplugs - one on the router and the other at the TV , than changed the network to wired and all was well. I suspect the built in wirless card is poor, but could not be bothered to argue with Currys or LG. Have you checked the download speed (s) on the device(s) you are using for I Player? I use Speedtest.net, as do many here.


  roxie555 18:33 11 Aug 2014

Thanks John My speed test including the site you suggest gives a download speed of 10.3 mbps. Forgive me but at 64 I am not widely savvy with technical issues of this kind. To obtain a measure of tablet PC download readings do i simply "Google" speed test?

Also the buffering only ever occurs during wireless connections to either/both Tablets (both Samsung Galaxy Tabs 10.1 each with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS)in the room directly above the router (B T Home Hub 3)in a house of modern construction. No other devices are running. It is possible the WiFi cards are of insufficient quality but will the speed test confirm/dismiss this?

  john bunyan 20:28 11 Aug 2014

roxie555 You are a youngster - I'm 77.

I think there is a "Ookla" app for Android - see

Speedtest app

I have a similar one on my iPad.

I would install it (free) and test the speed in places where you use the tablets. If it is poor, you could try using another channel on your router (what is model No?) or, possibly, use a slightly different pair of "Homeplugs" that extend the wireless router, in effect, to the other room using you house wiring (about £30)

Alternatively could your router go upstairs with a longer cable to the telephone point, or is it needed downstairs for your PC?

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