Budget Gaming Build ~ £850 with a monitor

  seanrs88 15:43 19 Apr 2010

Hey guys, im looking to build myself a pc, i want it to be able to play new games (games like Starcraft 2 and Diablo3 when they eventually come out, and whatever mmo takes over my life this summer).

i dont have much of a budget, and i was looking to get a monitor as well, so i was looking at £850 at most really.

Ive been looking around and this is what i was thinking bout going for:

Processor - AMD Phenom II x4 945 (or maybe the 955 black edition which was just a tenner more)

Motherboard - Asus 790x

GFX card - ATI Radeon HD 5750 or 5770 (which one would you suggest? is the 5770 really worth the extra pennies?)

Ram - 4GB or 6GB (undecided on the frequency, but they will be DDR3)

HDD - prob something around 500GB, ive already got a 1TB external

so i was going to then spend bout £15-20 on an optical drive, anything up to £60 on the case, about £120 on a 22" monitor.

last thing is that im not too sure what sort of wattage the power supply unit should have with this sort of setup, a friend said i should look at ones around 800-850W

Thanks for your help

  citadel 18:36 19 Apr 2010

650 psu is plenty you only need higher if you are getting two cards like hd5870. 4g ram plenty, 500 samsung f3 hard drive, psu antec true power new tp-650 note the new in the name as this is the improved version. for your budget you shoud be able to get a hd5850 that will be sure to play any future games with the eye candy on.

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