Budge Laptop Needed

  Coolcatfish 13:41 20 Oct 2003

Can anybody give me advice on how much I should expect to pay for a low spec (minimum XP requirments) laptop. I want it for one thing and one thing only: to aid me when I go sky watching. I'd hook it up to my telescope so that I could get a bigger picture of what my telescope is looking at.

As i said I only wanted it to run XP and some basic programs. I'd also like to store some (not loads) of pictures on it.

Can anybody tell me anything about this? Thank you.

  Coolcatfish 13:44 20 Oct 2003

I apologise for this thread, I pressed 'Enter' twice by accident.

Please reply in my other thread. Thank you.

  conrail 20:35 21 Oct 2003

I know you said reply in other thread but not on same screen and in a bit of a hurry so here goes, went to a computer fair recently and purchased a laptop running xp home for £235, it had been owned a by a company the the seller buys them when company upgrades, he updates them and sells quite cheaply, it has a 20 Gb HD, 256 RAM and came with office XP preloaded, also has built in modem. it works fine and I received a years warranty with all paperwork, hope this helps

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