Btyahoo broadband are Thief’s

  BJN 22:47 14 Sep 2004

To cut along story short, Btyahoo have been over charging me for a few months for my broadband connection. I’ve managed to get overpayments back but only after many long telephone called to complaints and billing dept. But each month they make more and bigger mistakes.

So by mid August I finally got fed up and changed ISP to Nildram a painless move using a MAC, Nildram where very helpful and the change over went ahead on the date they gave me.

I contacted Btyahoo billing dept to make sure they knew my account had ceased from 26th August. As I’d been a customer since January 2003 I’d for filled my 12 month minimum contract period. They assured me that my bank details would be blocked so no further payments could be taken.

Today I received a email from Btyahoo saying my monthly payment had changed to £252.48 per month for a 512kb broadband connection. They had taken this money from my bank account. I contacted Btyahoo billing and they said they where having problems and it was human error yet again. It will take 6 working days to return my money and lucky for me that account has money to cover the withdrawal.

My bank could not stop payments as it was a delta card payment ,the method I’d used since joining Btyahoo 18 months ago. I’ve had to forward all paperwork and records of telephone calls and the call ref numbers from Btyahoo. Hopefully my bank has more luck talking to Btyahoo, I may have to close that account to stop them making further withdrawals.

Any advice on what else I can do would be grateful, as if I’d owed Btyahoo money they would have taken legal action against me. After all £252.48 is a lot of money and some people may not have been able to absorbed the cost until it’s repaid by Btyahoo.

So please if you pay any regular payments by delta card please change it to another method as banks cannot block payments like they cab with standing orders or direct debits.


  spuds 23:00 14 Sep 2004

Contact Ofcom click here and/or ISPA click here for advice and assistance into your complaint.

Would suggest that you check the PCA rules. The Forum Editor may delete this post, due to heading title.

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