BT Yahoo Go BT Yahoo Advertising!

  tonyjon 14:24 03 Sep 2007

As a BT Brodband customer, my home page has, since I signed up 12 months ago, been their default. BUttttt.... guess what, thay have improved the default which now contains a HUGE advertising panel which it is impossible to 'turn off'. Is this legal or an infringement of our rights?

  Pigfy 21:51 03 Sep 2007

The hugely irritating adverts on the "improved" home page have prompted me to complain three times to BT Yahoo. Their response was that we get the home page free of charge cos it's paid for by the adverts. I've had the old home page, advert free, for 4 years so why the change to adverts now? The more people that make a formal complaint the better. I have told BT that I now have a completely different home page and that I am shortly going to change my ISP. Suggest you and others do the same.

You might try making your home page back to the old one = http :// homedotbtdotyahoodotcom (without the spaces). You automatically get transferred to the new home page, but in my case the adverts freeze and don't pop up. I suspect this may only be temporary, but in my case it is working at the moment. I use Firefox as my brower.

Anybody else out there with other suggestions as to how to get rid of the adverts - much appreciated.

  Colin 22:08 03 Sep 2007

What "HUGE advertising panel" or "hugely irritating adverts"? I have the new BT Yahoo home page and all I have is one advert per page which I don't think takes up even 10% of the page. Do I have a different BT Yahoo home page?

  tonyjon 23:23 03 Sep 2007


You are obviously a new user of the 'improved' BT Yahoo portal, I am paying BT the not inconsiderable sum of over £44 per month for a fairly inconsisten service that even yet does not fully support Windows Vista, if I was not 'contract tied' I would have left then long ago, this intrusion onto a space that I pay for is totally unacceptable. The HUGE advert occupies an area on my screen equivalent to 1,5 times the area of a standard credit card, the information I wish for (news clips) shows a picture less than one third area of the advert (which is animated and hugely distracting) - BT support advised me that if I called their support number as follows [I would thus request you to contact the Broadband Technical Helpdesk on 0845 600 7030 (open 24 hours, 7 days) and ask the advisor to put your call through to the Yahoo! Tier 1.5 helpdesk. Please note that a direct number to the Yahoo! Tier 1.5 helpdesk is not available.] asking for even more money MAYBE to solve my complaint. NO THANKS, I use my Sky homepage now - NO ADVERTS.

  Pigfy 23:27 03 Sep 2007

I think you must be lucky, (but maybe not for long) - the new home page adverts are huge (25% of the viewing page - without scrolling) and interactive, using macromedia flash player 8. I am the "master" account with BT . My wife has a "sub-account" which still uses the old home page without these new bl--dy adverts. How weird is that?

  Colin 08:13 04 Sep 2007

I must be lucky. I've been with BT for over 6 years, but only use their home page to check my web mail & to clear my spam box. There is only one advert which seems to switch from Tesco to Experian about every 10 seconds.

  wee eddie 09:24 04 Sep 2007

"Change your Home Page".

Even though you are signed with a particular ISP there is no requirement to use their Home Page.

  tonyjon 10:26 04 Sep 2007

But I liked it and had got very used to it over many years. I still say that BT makes an enormous profit without thrusting unwanted advertising on us. Surely the 'portal' is not used by non-BT customers!

  [email protected] 11:16 04 Sep 2007

just checked mine at click here no adverts. if you don't like it you could use a different home page, i use pca. bt yahoo and adverts go hand in hand, all the junk they give you, just bin. i had bt option 3 and the only thing i used was the home hub, email with outlook, the disk they gave me was just fully of unneeded bloatware. so dont use it. i will never use bt again because of different reasons.
but just get all there clutter and 'we store personnal details' junk and bin it, it serves no purpose other than revenue for bt.

  tonyjon 11:34 04 Sep 2007

I realise all the options given are available - I have been an IT professional for over 30 years. The BTYahoo portal is simply more than just a home page, all the necessary links to maintain/check/pay/complain etc. are 'built in', to replicate would require about 5 'favourite' links. No thanks, goddbye BT, I seem to recall Pipex give a reasonable home page sans adverts with all links to their services.

  tonyjon 11:36 04 Sep 2007

I do not use the BTYahoo browser by the way, Slimbrowser is so much 'slimmer' than IE7 (BTYahoo is a 'doctored version of IE6/7)

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