BT Yahoo Broadband Monthly Charge

  Colin 14:22 18 Nov 2006

I'm currently on BT Yahoo Broadband Option 4 and pay £29.99 per month. I've just received an e-mail from them informing me that my monthly charge from 21 November will increase to £43.99. I have no idea why this is and I have e-mailed them to find out. Has anyone else encountered this? On searching their site, I have noticed that Option 4 is no longer advertised, only up to Option 3. It also mentions below the Options that Option 4 customers should sign up to Option 3 as it is £3 per month cheaper, (£26.99). All I can think of at the moment is that the additional £14, (or is it £17?), is an adjustment and I have automatically been changed to Option 3, even though my account details say I am still on Option 4. I will let you know what happens.

  mikef. 16:38 18 Nov 2006

I had one saying it would be £55, spoke to adviser today after emailing a complaint form, if you check your account online you will find a double billing probably, she said there has been a problem with the billing computer and when I get the bill through on my phone bill in January it will be correct, she emailed me confirmation of this and said if there are still problems in January to email her back again.

I think there may be a fair few of these by the sound of it

  Colin 19:25 18 Nov 2006

Thanks for the response. My account details now show that I pay £43.99 on the 21st of each month. I currently pay £29.99 on the 6th of each month.
I pay my phone bill & broadband connection separately. I have received an acknowledgement e-mail from BT Broadband saying that my enquiry will be replied to within 24 hours. I'll keep you informed!

  Colin 20:13 20 Nov 2006

Haven't received a reply yet and I get home from work too late to call them. On further investigation, I currently get charged £25.53 plus VAT, (£29.99), from the first of each month. I was charged on 6 November £29.99 for the period 1 November to 30 November. My billing section now states a charge of £25.53 plus VAT from 15 November to 14 December and a charge of £11.91 plus VAT from 1 December to 14 December. There is also a note saying that I had broadband installed on 15 November. Very odd!

  mikef. 21:51 21 Nov 2006

Very similar to mine, mine stated BB was installed on 15th Nov as well, not several years ago as it was.

  Colin 15:58 23 Nov 2006

£43.99 has been taken from my bank account today causing me to go overdrawn. I never received a reply to my e-mail. I'm really looking forward to spending ages on the phone to them!

  Colin 11:36 24 Nov 2006

I phoned them this morning, and the person I spoke to said that it is a mistake and I will have the £43.99 put back into my bank account. I explained that because of this I have exceeded my overdraft and that I may be charged for that. She said that if I do to e-mail [email protected] and they will refund any charges caused by it. I'll post back to confirm if this happens.

  mikef. 18:11 24 Nov 2006

I got an email today:-
Dear Customer

Due to an error, you have been overcharged for your BT Broadband this month. The problem has now been rectified, and the overcharged amount will be refunded to you within a week.

If you pay your BT Broadband bill by Direct Debit, the overcharged amount will be refunded to your bank account. If you pay by credit card then the refund will be made to your credit card.

You will have also received an email about changes to your monthly BT Broadband subscription. Please ignore this email as it was sent in error.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. As a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer you 15% off any BT branded product at the BT Online Shop

So it seems as if the problem is being sorted

  Colin 19:27 24 Nov 2006

Hi, mikef.

I've just received exactly the same e-mail. I'm sure we're not the only ones. I'll tick as resolved now.

  ELISMITC 17:02 05 Dec 2006

A colleague of mine told me she had also been overcharged for the same thing. As I am the Consumer Correspondent for ITV's regional news I am looking for someone who is willing to talk on camera about this issue to see if we can get it sorted. My contact told me she had her money refunded the first month but is now struggling to get this month's charge back. She won't go on camera though so is there anyone reading this who is willing to be filmed about the problem and happy for me to try to get it sorted for them? We cover Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire and Dorset and you probably see Fred Dinenage and Debbie Thrower on your screens.

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